Using leftover material from newly renovated home


If you have recently completed the renovation of your home, there might be a lot of stuff leftover from the endeavor. This might include stuff that you’ve discarded because it was worn out, e.g., upholstery, covers, curtains or material that you bought for renovation of which you have some quantity left unused. 

1. Leftover clay or terracotta for garden tray

Use over clay and/or terracotta to get trays of different sizes made for your garden rack. Get their edges painted in basic colors using the leftover paint and you can either adorn the rest of the surface by engraving it before the clay dries or leaving it unpainted with a raw look. These trays can be used to plant simple vegetation like wheatgrass and be placed on a rack along with little tree pots.

 2. Leftover paint for airbrush effect

 Use leftover paint to spray color through homemade cardboard or paper stencils on white or light pastel colored surfaces like cabinets and lampshades. On the stencil, you can carve out simple shapes such as butterflies or birds, or simple text such as names of family members, or short mottos.

3. Scrap wood and worn out upholstery fabric for wall art 

Use scrap wood to make wall art. On both sides of the door of your kid’s room, spray green paint on the bottom section of the wall, beginning from bottom edge, going up to a height of about 3 – 4 ft. Next, nail strips of wood next to each other to make it look like a wooden fence around a farm.

You can use leftover fabric to make shapes of birds in different colors and place them over the wooden strips to make them appear to be sitting on the fence. A little above the fence, you can place butterflies made from the fabric. 

These wooden strips can also be nailed to walls in the shape of rectangular frames. Rectangular strips of same dimensions cut out from fabric from worn out upholstery can be placed inside the frames, to form a base. On this rectangular piece, you can place a handmade painting or a photograph.

 Besides upholstery, one could use fabric from discarded covers, bed-sheets and linen – use plain colored or printed fabric to re-cover a basic white lampshade. You can also use them to renew tablemats and coasters.

4. Renew commonly household objects with old burlap

In fact, if you were planning to buy coaster and table mats, you could make them yourself with some fabric and super glue – with two to three layers of burlap pasted together and then topped with a layer of Chintz. You can also skip the Chintz layer and keep them basic if you are a fan of burlap.

5. Reusing empty paint buckets

After your home has been painted, you can use the empty paint bucket by covering its outer side with leftover fabric, stuffing it compactly with leftover cane or straw from old roof or shed and finally covering its mouth with a cardboard base. Now put it upside down and use it as a little table, placing it by the side of your living room chair or in your balcony or your garden.

These are just a few tips and tricks to begin with. You can also speak to your contractor and come up with more ideas on how to use the material left, and give your old objects a new look or make entirely new ones, making them sync with your newly renovated space.

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