10 Home Decor Items That are Okay to Splurge On


If you’re a thrift wiz or have a good eye for elevating big box store decor, you’ve probably been able to save a ton of money along the way. It’s time to invest in some quality items. Splurging can be okay when the piece will improve your life or be more cost effective in the long run. Like your closet, it may not make sense to have 20 designer white T-shirts, but a durable, quality coat that keeps you warm is well worth the dollars. Flow your money toward these 10 things to enhance your home. 

A Quality Rug

A rug is the quickest home item to transform an entire room. It’s a way to add color and texture where the space is lacking. It also utilizes much of the floorspace — or it should. A rinky-dink rug floating in the middle of your floor will make the room feel small and disjointed. Instead, opt for a large rug that will rest generously under the seating furniture, or at least the two front legs. Your room will look huge. The right rug is also helpful if you’re building a room piece by piece and need to tie in mismatched elements. Try a quality wool rug to give luxury to the space. You’ll love how it feels as you walk on it every day. 

High Grade Paint

Painting the walls is fun — when it’s completed. While we all love a freshly-painted room and a striking use of color, the process is a headache, and we’re not just talking about the paint fumes. It’s a process to move/cover furniture and apply layer after layer, or to spend the money if you hire painters. Skimping on a cheap paint may mean you’ll have to repaint sooner than later. Humidity can cause paint to wear and peel. Invest in high grade paint to ensure durability and longevity. 

Comfortable Sofa

Nearly every day, you, your family, or your guests will be putting a sofa in use. As one of the central components of the living room, along with the amount of time spent on it, it will be worth getting something comfortable. Think of all those long days where it’s so nice to have a sofa to unwind in. You’ll want a fabric that won’t tatter in a matter of months. The savings will be there if you aren’t forced to purchase another sofa in a short amount of time. Choose a style you absolutely love and a versatile color that will blend with multiple decors.

Durable Coffee Table

The coffee table is another living room centerpiece, anchoring the seating area. If you already have an amazing sofa, a top-notch coffee table should be next on your list. Upgrade beyond the chipboard. Look for natural, sturdy materials such as metal, stone, or solid wood. If nothing at the furniture store is calling to you, you could also make an adventure out of it by treasure hunting for a one-of-a-kind vintage piece. 

Distinctive Light Fixture

A statement light fixture takes a really boring room and makes it Instagram worthy. Dated fixtures can make a room look ancient, even if you’ve made improvements to the rest of the room. An interesting fixture can update a space instantly, and the glamor will make your home look more expensive. Keep in mind that lighting overall can make a huge impact on the home. A living room should have at least two sources of light overhead. Even if a chandelier or modern statement fixture isn’t your thing, a well-lit space will look big and bright instead of dull and dreary. 

Original Artwork

Investing in original artwork over prints has a couple of advantages. It supports artists, it potentially appreciates over time, and it truly adds unique flair into your home. Eyes immediately gravitate to the art on the walls, so it’s worth getting something you connect with and something that will enrich the room with color. Whether it’s original or a print, let your artwork live in a quality frame and take time to display it properly. 

Plush Towels

Plush towels are a way to add luxury to your kitchen and bathroom. Threadbare towels are an eyesore, and hardly absorbent. Get rid of a mismatched collection and commit to a first-class set to elevate your bathroom. A fluffy, soft towel is something you’ll appreciate every time you step out of the shower. 

Supportive Desk Chair

Upgrade your cheap and fraying rolling chair with a high-quality desk chair. This is a must if you work from home. It will help you feel more professional and productive. Also, a good desk chair is not just for aesthetic reasons. The proper back support of an ergonomic chair is priceless. You’ll relieve back strain and improve your posture. 

Lush Plants

Plants can actually be relatively inexpensive, but some overlook it and see it as an unnecessary piece of decor. Plants elevate the home and your mood, plus they help purify the air. Greenery adds a refreshing element and makes the home seem more inviting. 

A Refined Bed

Don’t sleep on how important a nice bed is for the bedroom. You’ll spend a third of your life in it, so there’s value in getting a bed you adore. The bed is the main focal point of the room, so it should be stylish and reflect your taste. Invest in a quality piece and get a headboard that will anchor the room. 

If you’re on a budget, there’s no need to give your home a makeover all at once. Feel free to integrate a luxury item piece by piece. Think high-use, high-visible items when considering what to splurge on. Bringing quality into your home is always worth it. 

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