How to Keep White Furniture Sets from Yellowing


White always looks clean, pure and not brings a sense of stuffy. Many people love white theme interior and they prefer decorating home with white colour furniture. But, white furniture sets likely turning yellow after have bought from physical furniture stores or online furniture stores one or two years. Especially some parts easily soiled, like legs of table, desk and the doorknobs.

Once the white furniture sets yellowing, it would look terrible and dirty. So some people throw them away immediately and buy a new one. However, some people like to try their best to fix the yellowing furniture. Personally, I prefer to find some useful ways to get my beautiful furniture back to white. Because I already have deep emotion my lovely furniture after living together for several years, also it saves much money. Usually the service life of new furniture would be last 8 years at least, so I think find out way to fix them is good for us. Do you think so?

Some people suggested that spray wax is helpful for clean furniture. But, it does not work on preventing white furniture from yellowing. The right way is: using a piece of sponge with soft grinding cleaner to wipe the furniture. You should clean it once a month to help yellowing furniture become white again. One of my friends told me toothpaste also is a good cleaner. You should wipe the yellowing part with toothpaste gently, or try brush it with some egg yolks, and clean it after finished. Also, do not keep exposing furniture sets under the sun, because it is the main reason that your white furniture sets yellowing.

1. Routine maintenance.

Use a piece of sponge with soft grinding cleaner to wipe the furniture once a month. In this way you should not worry about the modern white furniture turn yellow. At the same time, owner should take some methods to prevent white furniture sets form sun point-bank, and avoid fading.

2. Toothpaste is a useful cleaner.

The white furniture sets is yellowing because the white paint turn to yellow. It looks ugly and dirty when white furniture becomes yellowed.

3. Toothpaste has the power to turn the yellowing part to back white.

As we know the toothpaste is a good cleaner, try to make use of it. But bear in mind that brush furniture too hard will remove the paint. The furniture surface broke. Also, feather duster is not a good tool to clean the dust, you should use tower to wipe dust would be a better way.

4. Usually we find that if water stay on the furniture sets for a longtime, an obviously watermark would leave on it.

How to remove watermarks? First, cover a wet tower on it for a few minutes, and then dry it with icon, finally the watermark would disappear.

Sunlight and smoke are main reasons behind white furniture sets yellowing. So, pay more attention on them and take good care of your furniture. Take some methods to prevent white furniture from become yellow is what we keep home being beautiful form dirty.

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