5 Reasons To Choose Ready Mixed Concrete


Ready mixed concrete is an amazing construction material that has become a popular choice for both DIY-ers and professional building contractors. 

In this article, we’re sharing everything you need to know about ready mixed concrete, including the top benefits. We will also provide tips on how you can choose the right ready mixed concrete supplier.

What Is Ready Mixed Concrete?

Ready mixed concrete features the same components as concrete you mix yourself – cement, water and aggregates (i.e., sand or crushed rocks depending on the type of concrete you require). The difference is – it is professionally mixed up and delivered to your site (or home) by an external supplier.

The Top Benefits Of Ready Mixed Concrete

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider using ready mixed concrete for your next construction project:

1. Quality And Consistency Are Guaranteed

Ready mixed concrete is made using high-quality aggregates and cement, creating a premium construction material. 

Quality suppliers of ready mixed concrete will have adhered to quality control measures when sourcing materials and throughout the mixing process. This means you are guaranteed high-quality ready mixed concrete. 

Plus, professional suppliers can easily replicate batches, meaning consistency in the ready mixed concrete is also guaranteed.

2. Ready Mixed Concrete Is Cost-Effective

Although ready mixed concrete may seem like an expensive option, it actually works out to be quite cost-effective. 

With ready mixed concrete, you do not need to hire expensive specialist equipment required to safely mix concrete or pay to store the materials and equipment on site. Nor do you need to pay for extra labourers. 

Plus, you save time (which in turn can save money). Ready mixed concrete also significantly reduces waste as you are only paying for what you are going to use.

3. It Saves Time

Many construction projects and DIY projects have time constraints. Opting for ready mixed concrete is an excellent way to save time. 

You can order it to be delivered the day you need it and get started straight away. No faffing with sourcing materials, hiring machinery and mixing concrete!

4. It’s An Eco-Friendly Option

The construction industry is notorious for having negative impacts on the environment, so it’s important to choose eco-friendly options where possible. 

With ready mixed concrete, the materials used to create it are readily available, meaning you don’t have to source primary aggregates. Plus, the amount of waste is dramatically reduced and most suppliers will utilise efficient batching and mixing techniques designed to minimise energy consumption and pollution.

5. Ready-Mixed Concrete Is Versatile!

Ready mixed concrete is a versatile product that can be used for a wide range of applications, including groundwork, paving, RC frames, agriculture, high-performance (self-compacting concrete) and even DIY projects.

In addition, it is mixed to your exact requirements, so you know it will be perfect for the task at hand. 

How To Choose A Ready Mixed Concrete Supplier

There are a number of suppliers offering ready mixed concrete to commercial and domestic customers. When choosing a ready mixed concrete supplier, ensure they:

  • Create ready mixed concrete that is quality approved to BS8500 / BS EN 206 standards
  • Can meet your specifications and can replicate batches if required
  • Are experienced and knowledgeable
  • Are happy to discuss your needs 
  • Have good customer reviews/testimonials to back up their work
  • Are an accredited company.

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