Make Ordinary Objects Seem Less Ordinary This New Year 2021


This new year, if you’ve shifted to a new house or spent money on renovation,

you might not prefer to buy a lot of new stuff  from the home store. Otherwise as well, you don’t always need to head to the home store to give a new look to plain objects. Little DIY embellishments can help achieve the effect economically and you can renew them when you want.

  1.     If flower vase is the only place in your home where you place all the flowers you buy, you can bring in a little novelty by finding new unconventional places to use those flowers. An example could be inserting some of the bright colored variety between the strands of your laundry basket, making a row of flowers on the sides of the basket.
  1.     If you have a small old cardboard box in your store room, you can cover it with gift wrapping paper and stick a ribbon on it to give it the look of a gift box. You can now place all the loose items found in your drawer or on your table in this box to prevent them from mixing up with other things. You can also create partitions within this box with small cardboard strips or corrugated paper strips.
  1.     If you have schoolchildren at home, you can give their wooden study table a new look by using unused bright colored nail paint to paint letters or words on the top of their table.

You could also paste a few pictures of animals and birds along with their names on a large DIY paper mat and place the mat on their table or use it to cover their blackboard. A lot of tutorials on weaving simple paper mats can be found online. You can also help them weave the mat and pick their favorite pictures.

  1.     An old paper straw hat no longer being used can be trimmed by removing the brim and leaving only the crown. Grow a little hanging plant inside and hang it on your balcony wall. You can use more than one hat and place the crown of one hat inside that of the other for more strength.
  2.     Do not throw away the lace bordering an old dress. You can create roses out of the lace just as you do with ribbons and sew them at the bottom edge of curtains or the edges of table cloth.
  3.     If you have a lot of stone craft inside your home and do not know where to place it, instead of sending it to the attic, you might want to consider placing some between the flowerpots in your garden. This also increases space between the flowerpots leading to more space for the plants. Unlike glass or wooden craftwork, you can safely place it outdoors without the fear of it breaking or losing its charm, and you can bring it back inside when you want.

You can begin the new year with these little changes to the space around you. Not only is this a great way to welcome the new year, but this is also a great way to pep up your mood. Cleaning, decluttering and making art have a positive effect on psychological well being and are a great way to leave behind minor setbacks, whether at the workplace, at the school or in personal relations. A new year, a new beginning.

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