How to create fusion of decor styles from around the world


Fusion of rich styles like Jaipuri with Persian 

Jaipuri art is a good match for the intricacy that we find in Persian art. Hence, Persian art goes well with authentic Jaipuri style furnishings such as intricate Sanganeri or Bagru print. Persian buildings are known for their beautiful domes. If you are inside a Persian style building and stand directly below the dome, you would see a beautifully adorned ceiling and archways. Buildings around the world might not have domes like those, but they still have a ceiling which can be adorned with beautiful wall art in circular design, matching the Persian style. This could be by the means of plaster art or by temporary means like wallpaper or wall stickers (decal). Beneath such a ceiling design, you can have a circular rug, preferably with Jaipuri or Persian design; or a circular table with a beautiful Jaipuri cover, preferably a circular cover; or a bed sheet with circular print if you happen to have a bed beneath it. 

Fusion in color scheme 

You can create a fusion of contrasting color schemes. You can take inspiration from Mediterranean homes that make good use of lively colours like sky blue, yellow and terra cotta and combine them with subtle pastel tones characteristic of some European designs. Suppose the walls of a room are pastel, you could choose furnishings that have some bright colours like the aforementioned ones. 

Fusion in color scheme 

Persian artwork makes use of a range of colours spread across the spectrum, however, beautiful shades from the blue and green family might be predominant, e.g. the beautiful European styles use a range of colours, including lively colours like sky blue and yellow, regal ones like purple and colours like beige and pastel shades. So we can have a balance of both in a space. 

Similarly, you can pick beautiful colour schemes from any two different colour schemes of your choice and combine them. 

Fusion of Persian art with European art 

European art is an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of styles like Victorian, Mediterranean, French among others. Both are rich and old art forms, and we can combine elements from the two styles and make a good fusion scheme. 

E.g., the richly carved furniture symbolic of European design would go well with intricate Persian rugs or carpets. 

Fusion of modern styles with traditional styles 

One can combine elements from modern living spaces with the traditional arts. While modern day designers experiment with shapes and colours and break patterns, traditional design has been driven by factors like geography, tastes of the royal household and vernacular art forms.

Access to a lot of man force meant the artistic object would be intricate and built with patience over a long duration. While in the modern age, a lot of objects are industrial products, they may be made with more precision but may lack the beauty that human hands render. 

It is a good idea to place the contrasting modern and traditional styles in the same room. E.g., if you have inherited intricately carved furniture from your grandparents that remind you of the Victorian grandeur or rich Jaipuri heritage, you can make it stand out in the room by choosing simple drapes for the room, their simplicity complements the detailed design on the furniture. 

Similarly, you can combine styles and colour schemes that complement each other due to contrast, such that one style balances the properties of the other. The idea is to find a beautiful combination, making use of the goodness of each of the styles we pick.

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