Why Exteriors Are Just as Important as Interiors


Most home decor and DIY magazines and online articles seem to focus on the interior of your home, and with good reason, as you spend most of your time in the home, and there are usually several rooms, so you have a variety of design options and colors at your fingertips. The exterior is often ignored to some extent and wrongly so. It is just as important, if not more so, and not only when it comes to the sale of your home. Below are five reasons the exterior of your home needs as much love as the interior.

  • Curb appeal 

It is a buzzword used predominantly by home sellers to describe what a possible buyer sees in the home from the sidewalk. Over two-thirds of homebuyers say that curb appeal plays an important role in their decision to buy a home. What your home looks like from the outside not only serves to create neighbor envy but will enable your home to increase in value.

  • Insulation 

The insulation of your home is one of the most important features, as this will affect how much you spend on heating as well as how well your home combats water and moisture damage. Insulation must be done from the roof to the foundation, preventing moisture, wind, and water from getting into the building. It must be done professionally and in line with the overall aesthetics of the property. Think of storm windows as well as sealing around all windows and doors. It may not be the first thing you see, but it will keep your interior looking good for longer.

  • Your happiness

Every time you drive up to your home, you don’t want to be saddened by all the work that needs doing. The sagging gutters, the unevenly stained driveway and peeling paint. These are all things that make your arrival at home less pleasant. Get them sorted and you’ll be guaranteed a smile on arrival. It’s the perfect fix for a happy home life, as you’ll be in a good mood on arrival.

  • Less disruption than doing the inside

Can be done with lessened disruption to your daily life. Fixing the outside of your property is much less disruptive than redoing the kitchen or bathroom, if you’re new to DIY and dealing with contractors, have a young family or just can’t move out while renovations are carried out, start on the outside and work your way in. You can exterior remodel professionally while still living in the home.

  •  Your backyard can be an extra living room

When you think renovation and exterior design, make sure to include your garden and outdoor space. The front garden provides further appeal, while the rear garden if you’re lucky enough to have one, is your chance at an additional room for your home. A seating area, a BBQ space or simply a bench on a patio will provide many hours of pleasure and allow you to enjoy all of your home.

It’s well worth doing – just make sure that you have done all your planning and costing, as we all know that building costs can spiral and you don’t want to be on the wrong side of that.

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