4 Reasons to Move Down South in 2021


The South is one of the fastest-growing regions of the United States for several reasons. For starters, the quiet and scenic nature of the area makes it a great location for retirees seeking a quieter environment. The area also offers great opportunities for young professionals looking for new job opportunities. Below, we explore more reasons why the area would make a great choice for your new home, so keep reading for more information.

1. The endless opportunities for small businesses.


Southern cities like Houston, Texas have a strong economy and low unemployment rate. For this reason, Houston is a great place for those looking for a friendly job market. The greater Houston area, specifically, offers great job opportunities for medical, oil, or tech professionals.

Additionally, due to the low tax rates and the growing number of skilled workers in the Greenville, South Carolina area, full-grown companies such as BMW, GE, and Michelin have located their operations to Greenville County. The entrepreneurial spirit is also rich around the area due to the influx of young talent. This startup practice has also brought with it an inrush of co-working spaces like WeWork and Station Houston (both around downtown Houston), which readily offer quality office space to entrepreneurs.

Texas is the second-largest U.S. state, with the City of Houston being the most populous city in Texas and the nation’s fourth-largest city. Plus, the area’s expanding economy makes it a great place to develop your business idea, especially if you have struggled to find decent work elsewhere. If you’re looking to set up a successful business of your own, some small business ideas worth considering for the area include consultancy, personal training, a cleaning service business, and a foodservice.

It’s no secret that Houstonians love their food. Actually, Texans are famous for eating out more than people of any city. For this reason, a food service business idea is worth pursuing in this diverse city. To get your food truck business idea going, first, find a way to introduce something new, and people will do the rest.

Additionally, working with a trusted restaurant kitchen supplier like The Restaurant Warehouse is a great way to ensure your food truck’s prep table is stocked with start-of-the-art appliances. As a small business owner, finances may be tight, so they’ll also offer financing options on all the pieces of equipment you’ll need, such as commercial work tables and stainless steel restaurant kitchen tables. If you’re looking for low costs and high quality on everything from durable shelves to equipment stands, this is the place to go, whether you’re starting a bakery or a pizza food truck.

Before anything, make sure to follow the Houston Health Department Bureau of Consumer Health Services’ guidelines. Check out these tips to help market your business once you move!

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2. The food scene is unrivaled.


Southern cities are known for their interesting blend of food options. The food there is as diverse as it is delicious, and almost every city has its own food character. In Charleston, seafood is king, whereas Austin has a taco truck on almost every street corner.

Southerners love their food, which is why food festivals are almost a religious thing in the area. Annual festivals like the Asheville Wine and Food Festival, the Texas Stake and Wine Cookoff, and the Charleston Wine and Food festival are a few of the common attractions known to draw foodies to the region.

Whatever your preference may be—indoor-dining with place settings, street food, or a backyard barbecue—there’s one unifying factor about all Southern food: it’s effortlessly inviting.

3. The low housing costs.


When compared to other metropolitan cities like San Francisco or New York, the cost of living in Houston is relatively cheaper. Also, the low-income tax and the generous salaries that most jobs afford their employees, and you might find yourself with some extra money saved each month if you do decide to move to Houston. However, the fact that Houston is a very large city also means that its housing prices will vary based on the neighborhood.

Moving to a new city can be hard on anyone, so learning how to prioritize your family’s comfort at home is a great way to make the move easier for everyone. Although the South enjoys relatively good weather year-round, finding a way to accommodate the elements is a great place to start. It’s now been about a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, and people are still working and learning from home. For this reason, and the added comfort of your family members, ensure your HVAC systems are working well.

4. Great college options to choose from.


If you’re a prospecting college student, you’ll be glad to know that some of the best colleges around the United States are Texan. Some great college options include Rice University, The University of Texas at Austin, and Texas A&M University.

What’s more, if you’re planning on relocating to Houston, you should hire a professional moving company. Besides helping to facilitate your move, the best moving companies will also offer self-storage solutions, should you need additional storage space. What’s more, some self-storage companies also offer storage discounts to college students who may be on a tight budget.

Ultimately, the decision to relocate is deeply personal, but we hope that these tips provide the insight you need as you make your decision. If you do decide to move, make sure you check out different moving companies and hire the one that you trust the most to move your belongings down South.

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