Your Quick Guide To Interior Lighting


Decorative lighting can transform a room, providing ambience and style whilst enhancing the features of a room. 

Types Of Interior Lighting

There is an abundance of styles and options to choose from when it comes to interior decorative lighting. In this article, we are going to provide a quick guide to interior decorative lighting including ceiling lighting, wall lighting, floor lamps and table lamps.

Ceiling Lighting

There are three main types of ceiling lights, each with its own styles and varieties. These include flush ceiling lights (and semi-flush ceiling lights), pendant ceiling lights, and spotlights (and track lights).

Flush ceiling lights are a popular option as they are suitable for every room in the home and are ideal for lower ceilings. This unobtrusive style of lighting was designed to fit close to the ceiling (aka it sits flush to the ceiling). Semi-flush ceiling lights are similar except the base of the light extends slightly to just below the ceiling. Plus, semi-flush lights tend to be slightly more decorative. Flush ceiling lights are available in a range of styles, materials, colours and finishes.

Pendant ceiling lights hang from the ceiling, often featuring a sophisticated and chic style that adds to the room’s interior décor. From low-hanging showstoppers to refined chandelier-style pendant lights, there are so many options to choose from. Pendant lights are often used in lounges, bedrooms and hallways.

Spotlights and track lights are practical, sleek and modern lighting options that are designed to illuminate a particular spot or area of a room. Track lighting features a series of spotlights or small LED lights along a track. They are often adjustable so the area of light can be altered depending on your preferences. Spotlights and track lights are most commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms. 

Wall Lighting 

Wall-mounted lights provide an excellent way to add a touch of ambience and style whilst illuminating darker corners and spots. They are available in a vast range of styles, including traditional wall sconces and ultra-modern display lights. 

You can also choose from different metals, finishes and bulbs. Wall lights are most commonly used in lounges, dining rooms, bedrooms and hallways.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are the ideal way to add the finishing touch to your home whilst increasing light where it’s needed. Popular modern floor lamp styles include tripod lamps, uplight floor lamps and arc floor lamps. Floor lamps are often adjustable and are available in a wide selection of designs, materials and colours meaning there is a floor lamp to suit every room in the home. 

The beauty of floor lamps (and table lamps) is that they don’t come with complicated fixtures that need to be fitted. Instead, they can easily be moved from one area of the room to another depending on where you prefer to have added light.

Table Lamps

Table lamps offer an affordable and simple way to brighten up a room whilst enhancing a room’s décor. They come in a range of styles and there are table lamps to suit every budget and home. Table lamps are most commonly used in lounges, bedrooms, offices and hallways and range from simple and practical to showstopping and stylish.

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