Tips for Buying a New Garage Door that Suits Your Home


A garage door plays a vital role in the outside appearance of your house. More garage doors are packed with high-tech features by the minute. There are garage doors that come with energy-saving glazing, high-performance insulation, and superior exterior finishes, and much more. If you’re in the market for a new garage door, there are many things to consider. Here are tips for buying a new garage door.

Be Wary of Natural Wooden Doors

While real wood has a distinctive look when they’re still new, you need to be prepared for more expenses down the road. After just a few years, the wood will need recoating. Stretching out the time too long could leave you with the ordeal of sanding off the wood finish and starting over from scratch. If you still want the wood-look without the hassle of maintenance, consider embossed steel with a faux woodgrain finish.

Purchase a Door Opener With Your New Garage Door

When you purchase your new garage door, you should buy a new opener. The contractor can install the opener at the same time as your new garage door. Replacing your opener at the same time as your door may save you some money on labor costs, and you could possibly get a package deal as well.

Obtain an In-Person Quote

Having a specialist make a visit to your home allows you to obtain an accurate quote before placing an order for a new garage door. The specialist typically checks particulars such as headroom, side clearance, opening size, and shape. In some instances, a specialist will offer design suggestions.

Types of Garage Doors

Fiberglass doors: These garage doors can simulate looks of wood patterns such as cherry, mahogany, and oak. Fiberglass has quite a few features such as translucency, resistance to moisture, warping, humidity changes, and dents.

Steel doors: Steel garage doors offer more security than aluminum, fiberglass, and wood. They also have a lot of strength. Due to innovative technology, steel garage doors have features such as durable coatings and embossing metals that give a wood-like or stucco appearance. There are also doors that come with ribbed and horizontal designs. With steel doors, there is no cracking or warping.

Aluminum frame doors: These doors have acrylic panels or tempered glass, which gives the doors a modern style. There are options of different glass types and a powder-coated frame.

Wood doors: Wood doors are popular among many people due to its natural look. Keep in mind, wood can expand, warp, and crack, which means you will have to conduct ongoing maintenance that consists of refinishing or repainting. There are a few types of wood doors, including:

  • Roll-up wood garage doors- There are portions of the doors that may consist of a panel or flush construction.
  • Tilt-up wood doors- This is the most affordable type of wood door and is the simplest to build.

Speak With a Specialist

There are things you should look for and take into consideration when buying a new garage door. Due to modern technology, you can have the look you want for your doors. If you want to replace your garage door, locate a nearby reputable company such as Coastal Garage Doors to help you pick an ideal design while remaining within your budget. 

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