A bachelorette’s guide to personalizing her room in a rented apartment


The Desk

Place atleast one object on your table that is made by you. One such idea is to create your own calendar and add personal touch to it.

The Desk

For this, you could use an old spiral diary with atleast 12 pages, placing the diary such that its vertical edges form the base. Now, let us personalise each month –  mark each month on a different page and paste one of your favorite pictures clicked in the same month last year on each of those. You could choose pictures taken on a holiday, or the ones where you have the picture credits – basically anything that triggers happy memories. 

You could place a little flap to cover each week, and lift it up every Monday to 

uncover the new week. Scribble one of your favorite quotes on that flap, or simply a lesson learnt in the week that just passed. 

The Walls

Let us begin with the easiest piece, the wall with the largest window.

Besides choosing the right curtains and shades, personalize your window. Wind chimes are a beautiful thing to suspend by your window, but there’s more you could do here – choose a very basic wind chime and complement it with little paper craft objects suspended from it. 

If you want to reuse material here, you could save up that paper you were going to trash, and dye it – you could make interesting origami stuff or simply cut out quilling strips from it and quill.

(I have used natural dyes as well, for instance, left over black coffee. In fact, anything that is responsible for laundry stains could prove useful here).

Not much needs to be added to this wall, as the highlight of this wall is really the natural light that comes in through the window.

Let us move to the next wall, the wall facing the window.

As this wall faces the window, it is likely that you wouldn’t have anything placed against it, since the desk would be placed closer to the window.

So this wall really is a canvas stretching from the floor to the ceiling. 

Occupy one half with small basic wooden frames, each containing a picture of  either a friend or a family member, and add a little strip of paper (preferably of their favorite colour) on which you mention one word or phrase that describes one good quality that they’ve instilled in you. If you are lucky, you might run out of space for these frames one day.

Let the other half be relatively less occupied , you could place one medium sized frame at the centre of this half containing your favorite group picture or a solo picture of yours.

Lastly, the 2 remaining walls, each of which is adjacent to the wall with the window. 

One one wall, you could use a wall sticker covering the centre of the wall. Choose a sticker that describes a significant side of you, either a reader or a dreamer or a traveller or maybe a musician.

The last wall is the utilitarian wall, which acts as a support to cabinets, shelves and other objects that need a prop, e.g. your guitar.

A personal touch to your room should help change the way you perceive your rented apartment – after all, art is a wonderful way to express what we are and keeping it in front of our eyes constantly reminds us of the best things that we have in life so that the daily challenges do not weigh us down. 

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