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Whether you have a vertical garden, easy-to-care-for indoor plants or greenery in your outdoor space, knowing how to properly keep your flowers and herbs alive is important as a plant owner. While you can always grab your garden hose for your lawn and rows of blooms, there’s another gardening tool that’ll make the watering process easier. We’re sharing some of the best watering cans for every type of gardener.

When it comes to picking the right sprinkling can, watering-pot or plant mister, you should always choose one that you believe would be the most reliable. That said, we’ve rounded up a list of durable, stylish, modern and large-capacity options for expert and new gardeners alike. Most of these picks are affordable, while some may be a bit more pricey based on the design. Teens and tweens will enjoy expanding their green thumb with a ceramic and floral-designed water can, while kids can easily carry and water their succulents with a colorful style that features a flower-shaped spout. Some of these ideas make eye-catching home decor for your sunroom or plant room — and can even be decorative homes for your blooms when picked for indoors.

And when it comes to choosing the right watering can that’ll match your taste, think of the capacity, balance, spout and material. You want a tool that’s convenient to fill with water, and it should feature a shatter-proof exterior (unless you’re looking for a stylish glass design that’s still functional).

How to Clean a Watering Can

Knowing how to clean your garden tools is one important part of being a gardener. Although you may think water is the only way to keep your watering can clean, there are other efficient options — especially when it comes to a buildup of bacteria, dirt and fertilizer. Here are a few steps to the cleaning process that won’t take up your time:

  • Remove any water left in the can. At some point, you might have left water sitting in your can over a period of time. This can lead to the production of bacteria. To avoid this, pour out the water to start fresh.
  • Use a DIY cleaning solution. Fill the watering can with a mix of distilled white vinegar and warm water. Wait two to 10 minutes while swishing the solution around. Then pour it out.
  • Scrub the watering can with a brush before rinsing it off with water. Hang it upside down to dry before using again.

    Tip: If your tin is heavily congested, try soaking the vinegar and water solution in the can overnight.

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    Great for Novice Gardeners

    Indoor Watering Can Plant


    The Best Mister for Hanging Gardens and Indoor Plants

    Haws Copper Plant Mister


    The Best Minimalist Design

    White Stainless Steel Watering Can


    Perfect for Outdoors

    Watering Can with Detachable Sprinkler Head


    Ideal for Kids

    Sunny Patch Giddy Buggy Watering Can


    Stylish and Practical

    Nadya Ribbed Watering Can


    Must-Have for Teens

    Daisy Watering Can


    Small, Durable and Lightweight

    Small Stainless Steel Metal Watering Can


    For Rustic Design Lovers

    Galvanized Steel Gardening Watering Can


    Easily Measure Your Water

    Long Spout Plastic Watering Can

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