Everything You Need to Know About Modern Rug Styles


Having an area rug in your home adds so much life! A modern area rug can define your space, keep your living areas looking fresh, and unify decor. Modern area rugs also open up your living space, making your home feel and look larger. 

There are a wide variety of modern rug styles available. Different modern rug styles suit various room designs, furniture types, and environments. Want to know which modern area rug style is best for you? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about modern rug styles and how different styles can benefit your space!

Traditional Rugs

Traditional rugs are usually available in Persian, Oriental, and Classic styles. They are made with great detail and offer a room a timelessly sophisticated aesthetic. Traditional rugs have distinct borders and give you a warm feeling of comfort, mixed with gracious style. Traditional rugs are one of the finest choices if you’re in the market for some attractive living room rugs

The style and designs of traditional rugs have been developed centuries ago but that does not mean traditional rugs cannot offer a space modern flavor. The timeless beauty found in a deep-rooted piece such as a traditional rug makes it a perfect modern rug style!

Pairing your traditional rug in a room with something like a Marcus Ashley fine art piece will completely tie your space together. Beautiful traditional rugs made with distinctive and classic designs, make the perfect addition to an intricate and innovative piece of fine art!

Moroccan Rugs

Modern luxury rugs such as Moroccan Rugs offer living spaces stunning textiles, unique designs, and sturdy craftsmanship. Originating in the charming African country of Morocco, these breathtaking rugs will make you turn your head each time you walk past. 

Moroccan rugs feature versatile tribal patterns and designs that will literally breathe life into any living space. If you’re looking for a rug that is a statement piece or show stopper, you will definitely love a Moroccan rug! Because of their versatile designs, Moroccan rugs can complement many different types of living spaces, interior design rooms, or luxury businesses. 

Dhurrie Rugs

Dhurrie Rugs are stunning flat-woven rugs that usually feature symmetrical or geometric designs. Dhurrie rugs are generally more affordable — making them perfect for homeowners who are on a budget and looking to spruce up their living area! 

Dhurrie rugs are originated in India and are usually handwoven within the country. After being carefully and skillfully handwoven in India, Dhurrie rugs are often exported and distributed to dozens of other countries. These rugs are typically made with cotton, silk, jute, or wool. Dhurrie rugs’ flat and thin build makes them perfect for rug layering! 

Chevron Rugs

Chevron rugs are designed and woven with a wide range of popular patterns. The Chevron rug pattern has been found in ancient Greece and can be dated all the way back to 1800 BC. The original pattern found in chevron rugs has been found in stone carvings, pottery, and other ancient art. All of these decades later, chevron rugs are still booming with popularity, which is simply astounding, to say the least. 

Available in a wide range of colors and patterns such as neutral, striped, bold, floral, tropical, and more, chevron rugs are the perfect addition to any living space looking for more life! Add a chevron rug to any living space, bedroom, or office, and watch your space be instantly transformed. 

Modern Geometric Rugs

Modern geometric rugs are loud, bold, and perfect statement pieces! These types of rugs perfectly complement a whitewashed room by adding stunning floor art. Your space will look homey and comfortable, while also having a modern, elegant, and youthful appearance. Add a modern geometric rug to any space and make a statement. 

Modern geometric rug designs can be traced back and connected to ancient Roman, Greek, and Egyptian designs. Many modern geometric rug designs are interlinked to powerful and historical patterns. Rugs are so much more than just ‘rugs’. Area rugs are literally floor art that will add beauty and meaning to any room!

Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs are bold, beautiful, and timeless! With a rich Turkish history and affluent colors, this rug style will be sure to make a mark in any living space. This flatweave rug is ideal for brightening up living areas that are wood-heavy. Add tasteful flavor, color, design, and style to your living space with a stunning Kilim rug!

Kilim rugs are typically handmade and handwoven, making them durable and sturdy. A machine-made rug is much more likely to need replacement and repairs before a handmade rug. Machines are great but they simply cannot entangle and display expert handcrafted details on a rug the same way a skilled human being can. 


A vintage rug offers a luxurious, timeless, and classic aesthetic to any living space – and something like that can never go out of style! Pair vintage rugs with affordable modern furniture and watch your living space go from bland to tastefully phenomenal within seconds.

Vintage rugs are not only perfect for decor but also for creating family heirlooms. A luxurious and original style that will last for generations! Investing in expertly handcrafted vintage rugs adds so much more than just beauty to your living space, it adds value.

A Deeper Look at Everything You Need to Know About Modern Rug Styling

Knowledge about modern rug styles is much more than just the type of rug design, pattern, or texture you should have. Learning about different ways you can actually style your rug and where you should put your rug is equally important. Let’s take a deeper look at everything you need to know about modern rug styling:

  • Layering your rugs – Layering your rugs allows you to have fun with your living space. Experiment with different patterns, textures, styles, and colors! Layer emerald greens with royal blues. Try combining fun and bold prints with neutral and tranquil prints. Tone down busy area rugs with subtle cowhides. The possibilities with layering rugs are endless!

Layering rugs will add an eccentric design element to any room. Your home will have a unique style that is unlike any other! Sometimes you come across two rugs that are just absolutely perfect and it’s hard to choose just one. Add distinctive warmth, style, and personal touch to your living space by layering two or more rugs that look and feel like you

  • Place rugs in unique places – Area rugs are most commonly placed in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and offices. But, those four locations are definitely not the only options! Here are a few area placement ideas for your stunning area rugs:
  • Kitchens: Area rugs being placed in kitchens are becoming a much more popular trend! Adding an area rug to your kitchen can positively influence sound control, offering you a quieter and more comfortable living space. As well as, bringing warmth, design, and style into one of the most popular rooms in any home.

    Most parents and families spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking comforting and delicious meals for their families. Enjoy your kitchen even more with gorgeous area rugs placed in all the best spots!
  • Bathrooms: Luxurious modern bathroom rugs provide a stunning design element to any plain bathroom. An area rug in your bathroom gives the space a cozy feel and appearance, making your bathroom more comfortable for you and your house guests.

A bathroom should not feel like a cold hard shell that’s hidden away in a home. Add personality and design to your bathroom with a modern area rug that will complement the space and tie everything together!

  • Walls: Modern area rugs are not only floor art, they can be wall art as well! Add an astonishing design element to any room in your home. An area rug on your wall adds visual interest to your living area and boldly defines the space. Hang your favorite rug in your living room, bedroom, office, or den, and enjoy a unique and timeless piece of decor!


Choosing the best type of modern rug for you is a unique decision based on your personal style, taste, and preference. Your living space will look stunning with an area rug that compliments all of the natural elements in your home, as well as your needs, wants, and requirements for your space.

If you’re starting your home design process from scratch, it may be best to choose a statement area rug first! With this trendy design method, you can flawlessly match your walls, paintings, throw pillows, and furniture to the center of attention – your area rug!

If you’re not starting from scratch, there’s no need to worry. What’s important is that you choose a rug you love and that naturally ties into your space. Whether it ties in boldly or subtly, it’s totally up to you! 

Have fun with your design, play with textures, and experiment with colors. But most importantly, choose a rug that will make you fall head over heels in love with any space you put it in! 

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