9 Simple Home Decorating Tips for You


It is really amazing how small decorating accessories can make a huge impact in a room. Designers and DIYers know-how the impact and influence of rugs, lighting, vases, arts, lamps, pillows and other accessories can have in a space and how to decorate them in the home wisely.

Decorating accessories are only the most inexpensive way to add a new look to your home or make it look unique and attractive. Moreover, if the decorator is not careful then these accessories can overtake the home.  

Below mentioned tips for choosing, combining, and decorating with accessories can help you pull together your room like a pro and avoid common mistakes that most home dwellers do with their decor.

1. First Decorate Your Front Door

 The first impression is the last impression, you must have heard. Therefore you can paint your front door with fun colors. For example, a red door meant welcome to weary travelers and for churches, it represents safe heaven. On the other hand, according to San Francisco orange and yellow are associated with joy and warmth. Replace an outdated door with full-length glass that you can switch for a screened panel.

2. Paint Wall Colors Light and Neutral

Before moving towards accessories for home decoration. It is necessary to paint wall colors light and neutral. You can stick with colors like beige or grey for the first floor to maintain flow. Moreover, neutral walls give you flexibility for decorating walls easily by switching to home decor accessories such as frames and hangings. 

On the other hand, if you have a small home with two rooms next to each other then painting them in neutral colors makes them look larger than the actual size. You can move up or down a paint shade for a subtle variation from room to room.

3. Living Area: Set the combination of your sofa with the chairs

You should think a little about being sure that your sofa has a combination with other furniture you have. Furniture should be arranged in a format that invites conversation. When you place furniture in the living room, your aim should be placed in the way it senses balance and intimacy.

The conversation is of U shape with two chairs facing each other at each end of the coffee table, or an H shape with a sofa directly across from two chairs and a coffee table in middle. On the other hand H shape across from two chairs and a coffee table in middle.

Don’t do common mistakes most people do to avoid pushing all the furniture against the walls. People usually do this because they think doing this will their look larger

4. Window dressing: Let The Sun Shine in Your Kitchen

The window covering is functional and elegant. If your room or kitchen gets a lot of sun rays, you should opt for light color dressings that won’t fade. You can go with lightweight fabrics such as cotton linen and silk blends.

5. Decorate your room with Mirror

Mirrors make space feel brighter and bounce the light in the whole room if placed in a good direction. But if they are placed at the wrong angles then it can be as bad as not having one at all.

You can put mirrors on walls perpendicular to the windows.  If you hang a wall mirror directly opposite a window it will bounce the light back to the window.

6. Scale Artwork to Your Wall

Sometimes hanging on all walls look ridiculous. Therefore artwork for a wall can be a great option. We recommend hanging at the average height level.

Consider scaling, for a large wall go with an oversize piece. Don’t hang the picture too apart from each other because a 2 to 4 inches gap usually looks best.

7. Layer Your Lighting

Every room should have lighting of three types such as ambient, task, and accent. Ambient comes from ceiling fixtures and provides overall illumination the task can be found in the kitchen or in a reading nook. On the other hand, the accent is more decorative, highlighting, say, artwork.

For the living room, you should have light for at least 3 watts per square foot. You can also place a canister up light, unique wood table lamps or a torchiere in the corner that will add glow to the ceiling and makes look bigger.

8. Anchor Rugs under Furniture Feet

Rugs give finishing to your room. For the living room rug decor, use rugs of appropriate size in which all four legs of the sofa and chairs in a furniture grouping fits on it. Living requires usually requires 8-by-10-foot or a 9-by-12-foot rug so that it covers the accommodating area properly. If you go with a small rug, everything will look out of scale.

9. Give Old Finishes the Cinderella Treatment

Have you got dated fixtures? You can reinvent all those by doing spray paint and inexpensive refinishing kits. If you have outdated cabinets of kitchen, you can also get benefit from it by few coats of white paint and new kitchen accessories.

Home decor accessories and ideas are sufficient to change your home look. The key point is to apply these tips properly.  However, you can use unlimited accessories to make your home look attractive, classy, and unique.

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