5 Tips for Managing a Building Project


If you’re taking on a small building project, and you’re planning on project managing it yourself, then you should be aware that it can be a challenging role. If you put in the required planning, and learn everything you need to know, then there’s no reason it can’t be a success though. 

To help make sure your project runs smoothly, here are five tips for managing your build. 

Plan Ahead

Whether you’re building a small extension, or doing a complete renovation of your house, it pays to have a plan. Building projects are a big undertaking, and you need to have a blueprint for how you’re going to pull it off. 

Through good planning, you can anticipate many of the challenges you might face, and put plans in place to overcome them. You can’t anticipate every little detail that might arise, but if you’ve planned well, then you will be in a better place to deal with them. 

Create a Budget

If you’re not careful, building costs can spiral, so you need to carefully decide on your budget

The first thing to remember is that you need to be realistic. We all want to save money and get things done for a great price, but if you’re not being realistic, then your build quality can really suffer. 

Create a budget that’s realistic, and make sure you’ve got an extra emergency fund, just in case there are some unforeseen expenses. 

Choose Your Team Carefully 

You always hear stories about builders from hell. While the majority of contractors are very reputable, there are some who are better than others, so it’s always worth checking references. 

Make sure you’re working with reputable companies such as Beehive Plumbing, so you know you’ve got a team you can rely on. When you put together the right team, everything runs more smoothly, so it’s an important step. 

Price Isn’t Everything 

Yes, you’ve got to work within your budget, but sometimes it’s important to remember that you have to pay to receive quality. 

When comparing quotes, it’s important to look at the whole package, and not just go with the person who says they can do it cheapest. You want to do the best job possible within your budget, so make sure you’re carefully comparing quotes to find the options that work best for you. 

Accept There Will Be Some Surprises

No matter how much planning you do, there will always be some surprises that you could not have foreseen. This is just the nature of building, and it’s something you’ve got to deal with. 

You’ve got to have a level of flexibility that allows you to get through these difficulties. Accept what you can’t control, and keep going with positivity. It might be a set back, but the chances are it’s not going to stop you from doing a great job with your build. 

A big part of building is how you deal with the unexpected surprises, so take your time and work through them in a methodical way. 

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