Top 10 Interior Designing Trends in 2021


Interior designers are renowned for drawing their inspiration from the world around them and predict that there will be a lot of immediate interior design reactions to the pandemic that will have an effect on the house decor. Here is the list of some popular indoor furniture designs that people should look forward to in the year 2021…

1. Moody Mineral Shades

This trend is inspired by the beautiful natural forms and embraces the atmospheric colour palettes and luxe fabrics. A touch of metallic can be added in the living room and complemented with marble-effect velvets. Dining furniture is an excellent way of creating moody mineral shades within the home. We would recommend opting washed-tone furniture that will act as beautiful statement pieces. 

2. Distant Shores

The Hawaiin style is expected to work wonders in the coming year. The interiors that are inspired by distant shores give a feeling of calmness and relaxation and make home an inviting place to live. This theme offers classic floral designs in soft lemons, subtle monotones, and tropical bright. With this theme, greenery can be introduced into the living space.

3. Rustic Vogue

This trend is for those who love comfortable homes but want to inject some character details in their living spaces. It is ideal for homes with features like panelled walls, exposed beams, floorboards, etc. It can be created by creating harmony between old and new pieces. Pieces with plenty of grain and texture help in holding the look together.

4. Vintage

A vintage scheme is all about antique, salvaged, and repurposed retro pieces. The look should be referenced using strong colours and a cohesive aesthetic. It is important to make use of plenty of contrast and build a vintage-style gradually. Rich fabrics and statement lighting help in giving a modern note to the original vintage style.

5. Arts and Crafts

This theme is born out of the industrial revolution and aims in increasing the value of decorative and hand-made pieces. This trend is gaining immense momentum and appreciation due to handmade and decorative styles.

6. Global Influence

This theme gets its inspiration from the warm and earthy colour palettes and natural textures. It pairs nicely with woven and wooden home accessories. The bold Safari look is influenced by the African plains and wildlife. Global influence is a key-trend in both fashion and interior.

7. Classic Traditionalism

The traditional look never goes out of fashion. The incorporation of classic art and antiques from the 18th and 19th centuries gives a timeless beauty to the house. It brings a sense of harmony and order with an absolutely perfect decor scheme.

8. Color of the Year

The new year is bringing along the new colour i.e. Grey. The year will be dominated and highlighted by the different tones of grey. The color is a connecting bridge between technology and modernity for elegant spaces.

9. Let in the Light

Most people are looking for a peaceful, calm, and comfortable life. It can be easily incorporated by maximizing the natural light in the living room. A semi-opaque cotton curtain can be used for subtle dimension and minimal approach. You can check out more tips and ticks on how you can add more light into a room here.

10. Ocean Hues

An aqua and inky blue works wonder in creating a calm and contemporary look. It provides a tranquil yet modern interior associated with calm, comfort, and peace. The different tones of the blue like deep inky to soft Aquas are sure to create a tranquil home.

All in all, above-mentioned awesome and hot trends can surely create a cheerful environment in your house. It will work in synchronization with the world we live in. Why not create a Pinterest board, so that you can discover your style and the upcoming trends in 2021 you would like to see within your home? 

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