12 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Fibreglass Pool!


A fibreglass pool is an innovation that has made swimming pools more popular. Earlier, pools used to be built using concrete. This would take a lot of time and require a lot of money. With the advent of fibreglass pools, swimming pools became more popular, especially in homes. More and more people today are getting swimming pools in their homes. This is because of the ease of installation and low price. Since these pools are pre-built, they are more convenient. There are many others reasons why you should consider having a fibreglass pool in your home. Twelve of them are listed below. 

1.Inexpensive to buy and install

Most people avoid getting a pool because they think it is very expensive. This is especially true for a concrete pool. When you get a concrete pool, the concrete has to be laid. It involves the use of concrete equipment, workers, and materials. All these are very costly and increase the cost of the swimming pool. Fibreglass pools are readily available. They can be straight away brought and installed in your home. This reduces the construction work and expenses, making them more competitive in terms of cost. If you decide to have an over-the-ground pool, then there is no digging work required. All that is required is a flat surface. This saves more money, making the fibreglass pool a very cost-effective option.

2.Quick and easy to install

When you install a concrete pool, you need to first dig the ground and prepare it. This takes time. Then the concrete needs to be laid and this takes its own time. Once the concrete is laid, it would take around 2 days for the concrete to set. After that, some more work is required to be done before the pool is ready for use. On the other hand, a fibreglass pool only requires digging to create a space. Once this is done, the pool is brought from the factory and installed into the prepared area. It can be used immediately after it is installed. This makes the installation of fibreglass pools easier.  

3.Easy to maintain 

It is easier to maintain a fibreglass pool as compared to maintaining a concrete pool. Cleaning a concrete pool is cumbersome and requires a lot of effort. On the other hand, cleaning a fibreglass pool is easier since the glass is transparent and you can spot dirty areas easily. The chances of microbes growing are less, saving time, effort, and money spent on cleaning. 

4. Has a smooth surface

The surface of the fibreglass pool is smooth since it is made of glass. This is unlike a concrete pool, which is usually rough. The rough surface of the concrete pool can be dangerous and can cause injuries if someone falls on the surface. It also is a breeding ground for bacteria. Fibreglass is smooth and safer and it does not allow microbes to grow on the surface. 

5. It is eco-friendly as it saves on heating

Fibreglass pools are eco-friendly as they can retain heat better. This is thanks to the fact that the pool is made from glass, which can hold heat better. The pool will thus remain warm and you can save money spent on heating the pool. You can also cut down on your energy bill for pool heating. 

6. It is strong and durable

Since fibreglass pools are made from glass, some people think it is brittle. There is nothing farther from the truth. Fibreglass is strong and sturdy. It does not crack, break, or damage easily. Also, it is durable and lasts for a long time, making it a great option for homes as well as public places. 

7. It comes with a warranty

Since fibreglass pools are factory-built, they come with a warranty. The warranty ensures you have peace of mind without worrying about damage or repairs. When you buy a fibreglass pool, you can expect a warranty of a minimum of 5 years. 

8. It is good to have in your home

 Your home becomes complete with a fibreglass pool in it. The pool makes your home look attractive. Your house will become popular thanks to the pool in it. Most importantly, a fibreglass pool can help enhance the value of your home. You can thus get a better price in case you sell the home. 

 9. A fibreglass pool is more flexible

 You can convert your swimming pool to a saltwater pool very easily if you have a fibreglass pool. You can change the pool and make it an infinity pool. You can even add a wading pool to it. This flexibility is a major benefit of fibreglass pools.

10. Can be enhanced by adding features

Homeowners would like to add features to their pools. These features include a spa at one end of the pool or swim jets to help you get a better workout. All these features can easily be added to a fibreglass pool. This option is one of the reasons why people prefer fibreglass pools. 

11. You get what you see

When you are building a pool, you will know how it looks like once it is ready. This problem is not there when you get a fibreglass pool. This is because a fibreglass pool is a ‘what you see is what you get’ type. The pool that you see in the factory or showroom is what you will get when you install it.  

12. There are plenty of options available

 Since fibreglass pools are factory built, you can even get them in custom shapes and sizes. You can get a pool in whatever shape or size you want, including your initials.  

All these 12 reasons clearly illustrate why fibreglass pools are the best option today for homes. All these reasons should have convinced you why you should get a fibreglass pool for your home. You can contact a pool consultant or contractor for more details about fibreglass swimming pools and how to install them in your home.

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