The best pool trends we expect to see in the future


There is no doubt that swimming pools are a popular option in homes. A swimming pool enhances the beauty of the home. It allows families to spend quality time together in the pool. You can also plan pool parties and have a great time with a pool. There are new trends in swimming pools that would become a regular feature of pools in the future. If you have a pool, you can consider making changes as per the new trends. If you don’t have a pool, you can get one with these trends incorporated.

The article tells you all about the latest pool trends that you can see in the near future.

Smart lighting

Pool lighting is a great option that allows you to spend time in the pool at night. There are different types of lighting options to make your pool look great. The latest trend is smart lighting. Smart LED lights can help you save power. These lights can be connected to your smart home. You can control the lights using your smartphone. Even if you are outside, you can switch off the lights without having to waste electric power. Smart lighting can be used to change light color depending on the mood. This is a great way to jazz up your party.

Dark interior pool finish

If you want your pool to look like a lagoon, you can go for a dark interior pool finish. This will make your pool look better. You can experience a seaside holiday at your pool. Dark finishing not only makes your pool look better but also has other benefits. It retains heat in the pool and saves on heating costs in winter. Even if your pool is a bit dirty, it won’t be visible thanks to the dark finish.

Seamless edging

One of the most attractive features of a pool is seamless edging. When you add this feature, the edges of the pool are hidden. This makes the pool blend in seamlessly with the rest of the area. This makes the pool look sleek. It is a great way to make your pool look beautiful. 

Tanning ledges

In pandemic times, people hesitate to go on holiday. If you don’t want to go to the beach to get tanned, you can do it at home. Get a tanning ledge near your pool. Spend a relaxing time getting a great tan while listening to music or reading your favorite book.

Mineral pools

One of the popular trends that are taking off very fast is the mineral pool. This is a pool that uses mineral water instead of normal water. The water does not need too many chemicals to purify. It can help cleanse your skin and improve its overall health. Your skin can become soft. The side effects of chlorine in normal pools won’t be here.

Shallow pools

Generally, pools have a shallow end and a deep end. The deep end is for swimmers, and the shallow end for those who want to just have fun. The trend now is of shallow pools. A shallow pool will allow everyone to enjoy the pool without worrying about its depth. A shallow pool costs less and is easy to maintain. This is why most homes are preferring shallow pools. 

Self-cleaning pools

Pool cleaning is a painful process. It requires effort and time. A self-cleaning pool is a great option. It shows how technology makes a fibreglass swimming pool much better. The self-cleaning pool manages pool circulation on its own. It cleans up dirt and debris automatically. This saves costs. It also saves time and effort. 

Circular pools 

One of the latest trends in swimming pools is the circular pools. Most swimming pools are rectangular or square-shaped. The circular pool was popular long back. Today they are trending again. The circular pool looks compact and good. Even if you have little space, a circular pool will not make the pool look cramped. It enhances the overall appearance of your backyard and home.

Eco-friendly pool

People are today more conscious of the environment than before. An eco-friendly pool will allow you to save water and show your concern for the environment. You can reduce your carbon footprint by using an eco-friendly pool. This pool cuts down on the power costs, lighting costs, and wastage of water. These pools will help you save money in the long run.

Water feature

You can add a water feature to your pool to enhance its overall appearance. A water feature will make your family and guests want to spend more time near the pool. You can add a fountain near the pool to make the area look better. A waterfall at one end is a great feature. It enhances the appearance of your pool and makes people enjoy swimming. Water walls and bubblers are other water features you can consider adding to your pool. This is a trend that is fast catching up.

Use natural elements

Natural is now the buzzword. Instead of using artificial elements, you can use natural elements. These make your pool look better in a natural way. It enhances the overall appearance of your home. You can make use of rocks and plants to create a natural look. You can use greenery to make the pool area look refreshing. A lot of greenery also offers privacy, so your neighbor can’t see you using the pool. 

Firewater feature 

A fire water feature in your pool is the ultimate when it comes to pool decor. It makes your pool look better. The firewater feature involves having a fountain with water in it. At the center is a flame that burns bright. Awesome is the word to describe this kind of a pool. It can make your pool famous. Your family and friends will flock to your home to see this trending feature.

The above are the popular trends that would become the norm in the future. If you are planning changes in your pool, you can consider incorporating these trends. 

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