10 inspiring room ideas using Grasscloth Wallpaper


Designing a room using a silky finish like grasscloth wallpaper is something that you would do to create a sleek and elegant look not to mention the appeal it presents to any space in your home. 

It is considered one of the best wallpaper trends that interior designers crave for. For that same reason, experience a simple but glamorous look a grasscloth wallpaper could do to your space.

We know that it is all about texture and look, especially if you would like to attain a balanced atmosphere for your interior. So we are very happy to share quality but discount wallpaper that is perfect for making your home alive and exquisite feel. 

Grasscloth wallpaper is made up of natural materials that bring a gorgeous effect when used to your walls. We have listed inspiring room ideas that you could use in transforming your beloved homes.

1.Inspiring Room Office  

Imagine a luxurious look like this using Phillip Jeffries grasscloth wallpapers. It brings so much positivity and calmness with a solid color scheme that was used. It has a lot to say when it comes to making your room intimate and warm that you need while working.

2. Calming Blue Walls

This fantastic color palette is magnified with the texture of grasscloth wallpaper. This type of wallpaper is a perfect choice for your little boy’s nursery room and makes him more comfortable than ever. You can feel the calmness with its texture and color, one of the best house wallpaper indeed.

3. Beautifully Solid and unpatterned

Your Living room can be this good and plain using textural wallpaper like grasscloth material. You can feel the cleanliness and sleek design paired with your area rug and designer furniture.

4. Accent Grasscloth wallpaper 

Another impressive look that grasscloth can pull off is being an accent wall to your bedrooms. You can see the elegance and luxurious effect it can give. It is aesthetically appealing and may make a massive transformation to your room. Feel its warmth and could be used if you want to achieve a minimalist finish for your space. 

5. Classy Bathroom

A spectacular look and elegance is the promising effect of a textural grasscloth wallpaper even to your bathroom. This type of material is resistant to moisture and designed to function even in humid areas of your house entirely. Make a wise choice and go for wallpaper brands you trust.

6. Trendy Dining Area

Make your dining room more fashionable using a rich texture wallpaper like grasscloth. A light color scheme could bring a fair environment that is perfect for your dining area. You could install your grasscloth wallpaper on top of a paneled part of the wall or entirely cover your walls with it. 

7. White and Gray Themed Bedroom 

Compliment your wooden inspired nightstand with a light gray colored wallpaper to complete its stunning look. Using this kind of color scheme could give a more comfortable vibe to whoever sleeps in this room.

 8. Monochrome Panelling 

Try to add a sophisticated and luxurious effect to your room using timeless grasscloth wallpaper. Its natural materials could give you a meticulous natural look. Like the creations of Phillip Jeffries grasscloth, You could also make it unique and more beautiful with the paneling. 

9. Spectacular Dining Area

Worthy of your penny, grasscloth wallpaper may be pricey, but it will definitely serve its purpose. This eco-friendly wallpaper type could give you an appealing finish, a simple but classy look even in your dining area. 

10. Clean and Green 

Green grasscloth wallpaper is everything, you could see the fresh and trendy look it can produce. It is perfectly suited with your white furniture and accessories as well as wooden inspired pieces that also promote an eco-friendly environment.

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