Your Guide To Choosing The Correct Skip Size


Hiring a skip makes any domestic project a whole lot easier. Whether you are completing a home renovation, a deep clean, a garage clear out, a garden renovation or a house move, having a skip is an effective and environmentally-friendly way to dispose of your rubbish. 

However, there is a wide range of different skip sizes available and making the wrong choice can be costly – nobody wants to have to hire a second skip because the first isn’t big enough!

In this article, we’re breaking down skip sizes so that you can hire the correct skip size for your upcoming project.

Understanding Skip Sizes

Most skip hire providers have a variety of skip sizes to choose from and the skips are sized in “yards”. Let’s break it down for you:

  • 4 yard skip – Often referred to as a “Mini Skip”, the 4 yard skip can fit approximately 40 bin bags worth of rubbish, making it ideal for smaller projects, such as bathroom renovations or room clearouts.
  • 6 yard skip – Often referred to as a “Builder’s Skip”, the 6 yard skip can fit approximately 60 bin bags worth of rubbish and is one of the most frequently hired skip sizes in the UK. It is ideal for small-medium sized renovation projects or construction jobs.
  • 8 yard skip – Also referred to as a “Builder’s Skip”, the 8 yard skip can fit approximately 80 bin bags worth of rubbish and is a popular option for larger DIY projects, such as home renovations, and even commercial or industrial jobs.
  • 12 yard skip – The 12 yard skip is usually the one you will be advised to hire if you need a “large” skip for substantial volumes of waste or particularly bulky items, such as furniture, plastics and packaging waste. This skip can fit approximately 120 bin bags of waste.
  • 16 yard skip – The 16 yard skip is the largest “traditional” style skip available to hire. Holding up to 160 bin bags, this skip is ideal for large amounts of waste including construction waste, commercial clearances or large industrial projects.
  • 20 yard skip – Often referred to as a Ro-Ro Skip, this skip is a 20 yard container used for substantial projects, such as building clearances. It holds 15 tonnes of material and is suitable for mixed waste.
  • 40 yard skip – The 40 yard Ro-Ro skip is the largest skip available to hire. It can be used for vast amounts of bulky, mixed waste.

If you are stuck between two skip sizes, it is always best to go for the bigger skip. Although it may cost a little more, it is better to have too much room than not enough.

What To Consider When Choosing A Skip

There are various factors to consider, aside from size, when hiring a skip. For example, you should consider the location of the skip. Do you have enough room to fit the skip you need? If you are hiring one of the large ro-ro skips, have you considered safe access to and from the container? 

In addition, what are your local regulations regarding skip hire? Do you need a permit to hire the skip you want? You should also consider the type of waste you are disposing of. Is it suitable for a skip or should it be disposed of elsewhere? 

Finally, you should ensure that the skip provider is licenced (i.e., has a Waste Management License and Carriers Licence) and reputable. A quality skip hire provider will talk you through choosing the best skip for your needs and set out clear skip hire terms. They will also be able to help you with the logistics of hiring a skip, such as obtaining a permit if needed.

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