Reasons Why Pinewood is Good for Furniture [Pine Furniture Buying Tips Inside]


Furniture is an essential part that every homeowner prefers to beautify their home. With time, trend changes, and hence people look for evergreen furniture that can last for years without losing its beauty.

Wood is one of the highly opted furniture that homeowners purchase. Interestingly, not many know that different woods are used for furniture manufacturing. 

1) Hardwood

Most common examples of hardwood are oak, maple, and walnut. With time, these trees grow dense wood fibers that make it tough and a good option to build your furniture. The best example to find hardwood is by putting it into water. Hardwood never floats in water. 

Common properties of hardwood are:

  • Their growth is slower than softwood
  • They are expensive than softwood
  • Hardwood is durable
  • Hardwood has good fire resistance

2) Softwood

Common example of softwood is Pine, fir, spruce, cedar, redwood, juniper, and yew. 

They are less dense and are easier to cut down. Moreover, they are taller. Hence they are easily cut into long wood planks.

Common Properties of Softwood

  • Softwood is also called non-porous wood
  • They readily absorb adhesive that provides a perfect finish with fewer efforts
  • It is lightweight, which makes it ideal for furniture

Among all softwoods available in the market, Pine is highly recommended for furniture. Steens Richmond pine furniture is in huge demand as they have multiple attributes over other alternatives. Numerous reasons contribute to the selection of Pinewood for furniture. 

Affordable Price: Compared to other wood furniture, Pine furniture is typically cheaper. The reason behind its competitive price is the rapid growth of pine trees. Hence, Pine takes less time to reach the market and makes it cost-effective. 

Suits Best with All Colours: Pinewood is light in colour that makes decent furniture for your house. You can match it with almost every other decorative. Moreover, it gives a versatile look that maintains the decency and beauty of your interior. So, if you need highly decorative furniture that can easily match other stuff, go with pine furniture.

Available with Colour Options: Nevertheless, you can choose pine furniture with different color options. Pinewood gives you the option to make furniture with versatile color options. Remember, the quality and finish is never compromised in any sense.

Pine is Stiff Wood: The stiffness of pine wood makes it strong and durable. However, it is not as strong as oak; still, it offers decent strength that can extend its life to years without damages. 

Lightweight: Pine is a lightweight wood that makes it the prime reason for furniture. Pine furniture is easy to move from one place to another. Hence, you can set them anywhere you want and then shift them whenever needed. So, if you don’t like its current position, you can relocate it to a better option.

Unique Looks: Finally, pine furniture provides a distinctive look that is not possible with other options. Its unique looks beautify your interior and add charm to the existing furniture/decorative.

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