Is a Bathroom Remodel Worth It?


On average, a bathroom remodeling project will cost you approximately $10,000. The actual cost will depend on your preferred scope, whether high-end or budget-friendly. Therefore, the biggest question is whether this amount makes it a worthwhile venture. The following insights will help you understand why a bathroom remodel Ann Arbor-made is invaluable.

Increased Property Value

A comprehensive bathroom remodel will significantly improve the value of your property. This bathroom remodeling project will likely recoup approximately 67% of the cost. In addition, a typical bathroom update could increase the value of your home by about four or five percent. However, you must focus on various high-value additions in the bathroom, including plumbing fixtures, vanities, excellent flooring, and energy-efficient fixtures.

Space and Aesthetics

You spend a lot of your time in the bathroom. For this reason, you will need a room that offers unmatched comfort, elegance, and spaciousness. A bathroom remodeling project will help you achieve this. The inclusion of modern bathroom appliances, vanities, and flooring will make it significantly appealing. It will also be easier to eliminate substandard products that could injure you in the bathroom.

Besides, this option assures you of a contemporary appeal in the bathroom. You could also consider a touch of privacy, boosting your comfort in the long run.

Enhance Sustainability

A bathroom remodeling project allows you to inculcate new and more sustainable items and appliances in the room. Most experts will recommend low-tox and biodegradable fixtures for your bathroom. You might also need to embrace energy-efficient appliances, cushioning yourself against high electricity costs in the long run. However, you must rely on an experienced professional to help fix them.

Investing in a bathroom remodeling project is a worthwhile venture you should consider. It offers excellent returns, mainly when you use the right professionals. The information above illustrates this.

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