Here’s How To Design A Pet-Friendly Kitchen


Pets have a special place in our hearts and let’s face it – even though we can stay away from people, staying away from our pets is next to impossible. From being woken up by them in the morning to spending the evening with them on your couch, pets have an important place in our lives.

With the count of pets being in millions, there’s a large demographic of pet-owners in the world. 

That said, since pets tend to spend time in most areas of our home, making sure that our home is pet-friendly is essentially. Our bespoke kitchens are one such area that we need to be extra cautious about as they have different elements that may prove to be harmful for our beloved furry friends.

From following safety practices to creating pet-friendly nooks in your lower cabinets, there’s a lot you can do to make your kitchen pet-friendly. By working with kitchen designers, you can create a safe space for your pets.

With this in mind, here are a few tips that are sure to help you design a safe yet comfortable kitchen that is pet-friendly.

Without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Scratch-Resistant Flooring

Every pet owner knows that having a pet means you’ll probably find scratches in many random places across your home. When it comes to your kitchen, the first element that you need to consider is your flooring.

Using materials that are resistant to scratches and other damages can help you keep the surface smooth. Moreover, since our furry friends like to run around and explore places, making sure that the flooring is not slippery can ensure safety and comfort for your pet.

2. The Right Cabinets

Cabinets are the next important area that you need to consider. While choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets, making sure that you select a durable material is essential. Additionally, smoother cabinet ends are a safer choice especially when you have pets to consider.

Another thing you could consider is building your lower cabinets with an open design to create a cosy nook for your pet. While you’re busy with your kitchen chores, this nook can serve as the perfect place for your furry friend to sit or take a nap in.

If you’re looking for designers for kitchens in Milton Keynes, there are many companies that can help you with your cabinets.

3. Clutter-Free Countertops 

From cutlery and decor to jar and food products, our worktops are always crowded with some or the other element making it cluttered. This can prove to be problematic especially for your pets as they could either create a mess or nibble on something that may not be suitable for them.

This is where investing in an easy to clean surface can be a great idea – in case your pet accidentally creates a mess, cleaning up won’t be as tasking as it would be.

Opting for materials like marble or granite, for example, can prove to be a good choice for your pet-friendly kitchen.

4. A Dedicated Pantry

Most of us store different food products and items in various places in our kitchen. While usually this isn’t given a second thought, as a pet-owner you need to be extra cautious to ensure the safety of your furry friend.

From candies and chocolates to certain fruits and vegetables, there are different food products that are unsafe for our pets. By having a dedicated pantry, you ensure that your furry friend does not come across or accidentally nibble on food that might not suit them.

5. Keep Electrical Appliances Safe

Electrical appliances are another important aspect you need to consider. Equipment like blenders, juicers, ovens, etc. while useful for you may accidentally harm your pet.

That said, all your moveable appliances should be stored in places out of your pets reach. When it comes to bigger ones like dishwashers or ovens, make sure they have a safety lock in place or are turned off properly.

6. Minimal Elements And Features

Let’s face it, we’ve all seen our fair share of overcrowded kitchens with multiple elements and decor pieces. With the rise of minimalistic kitchen designs, having few bespoke kitchen features can work greatly in your favour.

By moving away from unnecessary decor and equipment, not only do you keep your kitchen open and spacious but also make it safer for your pet.

7. Designated Eating Corner

To make the kitchen a more comfortable and safe place for your pet, consider having a designated eating corner for them. Many people keep moving their cat or dog’s eating bowls to different places or in the living room which can sometimes prove to be inconvenient.

By having a designated place for eating, your pet knows exactly where to go for food and in case they spill a little, cleaning up is relatively easier.

8. Concealed Bins

Every animal is inquisitive when they come across different scents, our pets are no different. It doesn’t matter how much we try to distract them, our pets always seem to go and sniff the bin due to the different smells that come from it.

Additionally, since most of our waste goes there, keeping them concealed from pets can prevent health issues and injuries. By having a built-in bin or garbage disposal area, you keep your pet protected from any unnecessary incidents.

To Sum Up

Most homeowners try to keep their pets away from the kitchen at all times, but there’s only so much you can do before they walk right back into your cooking space. 

By designing a pet-friendly kitchen, you need not worry about the safety of your pet every time they step into the kitchen.

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