7 Best Sound Machines for Deeper, More Restful Sleep


You can use a sleep app on your phone or even dial in 10 hours of soothing sounds via YouTube, but both of those options require having a device open and in use. If you want to get more sleep, our editors suggest practicing good sleep hygiene. “Put your devices on Do Not Disturb, and keep them far enough away that you won’t be tempted to peek at email, texts, social media and news alerts,” says Good Housekeeping Institute Chief Technologist & Executive Technical Director Rachel Rothman, who frequently tests tech for our Labs.

If you get an affordable sound machine (most on our list are less than $50), it’s a simple way to block out sounds and help you drift off to sleep. We like to recommend sound machines for babies, kids and adults. Every age can benefit from having soothing sounds as a part of their nightly routine.

Other good sleep practices include limiting food and alcohol consumption near bedtime, changing into pajamas (we have a list of the best cooling pajamas if you get too hot at night), brushing your teeth, turning off the TV, shutting your blinds, lowering the lights, doing something relaxing — like reading a book, journaling or listening to a podcast — and then finally turning on your sound machine when you turn out the lights.

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