3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Free of Crawling Insects


When you see just one crawling insect in your kitchen, you know there’s probably a lot more where that little guy came from. Insects such as ants and cockroaches are excellent hiders, and they can squeeze into rather tight spaces. Effectively eradicating them from your home can be challenging. The best offense that you can mount is a proactive one. Make your kitchen a less appealing place for insects to hide out or get a meal with these simple tips.

1. Schedule Regular Extermination Treatments

Waiting until your home is completely inundated with insects to call an exterminator can make getting rid of them somewhat difficult. If any one or more types of insect has been a persistent problem in your kitchen, you should consider scheduling regular preventative treatments with an exterminator. If you need help with pest control Portland OR, reach out to a service provider that is experienced serving residential customers in your area.

2. Get Covered Trash Bins

Even if you don’t see insects crawling in and out of your trash, that doesn’t mean they’re not doing it. Cockroaches, for example, tend to stay undercover while it’s light. However, cockroaches see very well in the dark, and that’s when they tend to head out of their hiding places to scavenge.. Your trash may be a prime target for a feat. Moreover, the smell alone could be attracting insects into your kitchen. Get a covered trash bin that you can open with a foot pedal to keep your kitchen free of insects and smelling its best.

3. Keep Your Floors Clean

Any little crumb or spill may not seem like a big deal to you, but it could seem like a banquet to a colony of insects. Sweep your floors several times a week, and try to make it a point to mop at least once a week.

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