Why Wood Burning Stoves Are Making A Comeback In 2020


Someone has well said, wood warms you twice; once when chopping and once when it burns.

Today the market of wood-burning stoves has reached hype due to numerous reasons. Numerous other stoves are also available in the market, but the wood-burning market demand has increased this year. From energy efficiency to economical, these stoves are highly beneficial from different aspects that have made them the first buying options.

Before that, take a quick overview of what a wood-burning stove is. It is a home appliance that is used to heat your home. Made of metal (usually steel or iron), it burns the logs on a fire chamber and transfer heat to your home/room. It can be placed anywhere in your house; however, it only requires a gas outlet pipe that can take the burned gases out of your home and keep your home suffocation-free.

Below listed are a few benefits of wood-burning stoves that make it a prominent buying option over other alternatives.

Help in Minimizing Pollution: Wood logs are a low-carbon fuel that doesn’t emit toxic gases when burned. Further low-carbon renewable heat emission by wood benefits the wildlife. Contrary to this, other fuels used for heat emit toxic gases that aren’t good for nature. To make Wood burning stoves even more eco-friendly, there is also a number of sustainably-sourced wood fuels available that will make using your stove even more environmentally friendly.

Low Burner Maintenance: Most people are concerned about burner maintenance. However, the wood burner doesn’t require frequent maintenance. Instead, it only requires maintenance once or twice a year. Except for ash removal and cleaning glass window, you don’t need to make extra efforts.

Flexible Placement: Placement of your wood burner isn’t a trouble as it can be installed anywhere. All it needs is a placement that takes the smoke out of your home. With an outlet, you can place a wood burner anywhere in your house.

Works during Power Outrages: People living in frequent power cut areas always look for an economical option that isn’t dependent on electricity and provides you an adequate amount of heat. A wood-burning stove is a reliable option for such a situation. 

Complement Your Interior Decoration: Another big trait of considering wood burning stove is its beauty. Different types of stoves are available in the market that looks amazing and gives an enticing design to your interior.

Build a Cozy Gathering Place: During winter, you always look for a warm place that brings all the family members to one place. Interestingly, wood burners are the ones that can give you a cozy gathering place where you can come together and share your feelings. 

As the summer is fading into autumn, the temperature has started dropping to a lower count, and that brings the need for a heating stove that can maintain your in-house temperature and keeps your body at normal temperature.

So, what’s your take?

What are the positive traits of a wood stove burner that has made it to come back in 2020 and become a popular option for homeowners? Do let us know your opinion and views in the comment section.

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