Why Should You Buy the Elegear Coastal Themed Cooling Blanket?


Winter is considered the best time to enjoy your nights. During winter, your blankets give you the coziest experience that results in healthy and comfortable sleep. But, problems occur when the season switches from winter to summer.

Regulating your body temperature becomes challenging, and it directly impacts your sleep. Yes, sleeping with a normal body temperature becomes tough as your body may continue sweating for the whole night, causing irritation.

Various brands have developed some amazing products offering comfort for the night. Elegear cooling blanket is one of the fantastic products that are popular among buyers. Hence, we take time to review this blanket and find out whether you should also put your money or not.

Why Should You Buy the Elegear Arc-Chill Blanket?

Japanese Arc-Chill Technology: Elegear is a renowned brand that uses Japanese arc-chill technology that decreases your body temperature and makes it soothing for a perfect sleep. This arc-chill technology has a Q-Max more than 0.5, which is the best in beddings.

Perfect for Sensitive Skin: Skin sensitivity is a major problem that most people face. Unfortunately, sensitivity causes irritation when sleeping. Some fabrics cause trouble, but this arc-chill blanket isn’t like others. It is the perfect blanket for people with skin sensitivity. This blanket is made with Jade nano-particles, making it an ideal option for sensitive skin and providing utmost comfort.

Dual-Sided Blanket: There are blankets in the market used for summer from one side and winter from another. Many times, buyers acknowledge using the wrong side causes heavy sweating during summer and a chilly feeling during winters. Adding such traits becomes tough for the buyer to decide which side to use in which season. 

Easy to Maintain: With high-end technology, most of you would wonder whether this Elegear blanket is easy to wash or not. Interestingly, it is machine washable. However, the manufacturer recommends not to dry clean, iron, or bleach as it may damage the fabric.

Adds More Funs in Summer: The fabric of this cooling blanket is like a cool sea water, soft and cool, let you feel cool and comfortable all night.

Comes with a 3-Year Warranty: The Elegear cooling blanket includes a 3-year warranty. However, if you encounter any issues, you can reach them immediately. They have a 24-hour response team for the buyers.

Elegear claims that this arc-chill cooling blanket can lower your body temperature by 36-42℉ which makes it a fantastic product. This cooling blanket comes in four sizes:

  • 50 “x70” for Throw or Throw XL Size
  • 60 “x90” for Twin or Full Size
  • 90 “x90” for Queen Size
  • 90 “x108” for King or California King Size 

The quality of this cooling blanket is undoubtedly the best among all options available in this price range. We didn’t find any drawbacks to putting our money in this blanket in our testing.

So, if you are looking for a good quality blanket that is perfect for all skin types, this cooling blanket by Elegear is perfect for investing in. In our detailed testing, this blanket is tested as a good and trustworthy product by Elegear. We highly recommend you buying this for your family or loved ones.

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