Why Are Shower Enclosures So Popular?


Shower enclosures, also called shower cubicles, are so popular because they keep your bathroom dry and looking very stylish. Unlike curtains, shower stalls isolate your showering stall and seal off the rest of the bathroom from water splashes during showers. You no longer have to mop after showers to dry out the bathroom.

Bathroom Purchasing Trends report that most households renovate their bathrooms 1 to 2 years after moving in, and one of their top priorities is a space-maximizing renovation.

Manufacturers create shower enclosures with this in mind, coming up with affordable, creative, and low maintenance shower stalls made with acrylic, glass, or fiberglass. The possible shower enclosure designs are limitless. You can customize your shower stall to reflect your personality and style while making the most of your bathroom space.

Why Shower Enclosures Are So Popular

Space Savings

With a 2-wall shower enclosure, you can isolate one of your bathroom corners into a leakage-proof shower stall. No matter your living situation, a shower enclosure manufacturer will create the perfect fitting shower enclosure for your limited space.

Separate Wet And Dry Areas

A bathroom with a shower stall has a designated wet area, leaving the rest of the bathroom dry. That way, you can walk in your bathroom barefoot without the fear of sliding. And you won’t accidentally step on puddles of water with your socks on.


When you desire total privacy when showering, you can use a translucent and soundproof shower enclosure.

Little Maintenance

Acrylic and glass shower stalls are very easy to clean. Shower enclosure materials also discourage the growth of molds and other pests, keeping your bathroom hygienic. You also don’t need to install a light bulb in your shower enclosure because light easily goes through glass or acrylic shower wall panels and doors.

Easy DIY Installation

Shower enclosures are installed after plumbing work and tiling. You only need to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions which could be available in text, video, or both.

Shower Enclosures Create More Space

A bathroom with a shower stall looks and feels more organized. Organizing your shower accessories in the shower enclosure creates more space in the rest of the bathroom.

Types Of Shower Enclosures

Some of the most popular kinds of shower enclosures include:

  • Quadrant shower stalls. The curved shape is perfect for utilizing a recess or tight corner.
  • Rectangle and square shower stalls. Depending on your needs, you might need your shower cubicle to be spacious. Rectangle and square enclosures give more room to your shower stall.
  • Steam Shower cabins. These luxurious shower cabins feature a whole shower system complete with aromatherapy options, e.g., body jets.
  • Walk-in showers. These are minimalist shower enclosures without doors. Instead, they have an opening through which you walk in and out.
  • Frameless shower stalls. These are the most elegant. But they require expert installation to avoid leakages.

Shower Doors

If you barely have enough space for a shower stall, walk-in shower enclosures can make the most of your limited space. If you must have a door, sliding shower doors are perfect for better space savings.

Pivot shower doors swing 180 degrees to open on either side of the shower stall. Hinged doors open either into the shower stall or out towards the bathroom. Your bathroom space should determine the ideal hinged door for your shower enclosure.

Getting Started With Shower Enclosures

You will need to get your bathroom measurements. Putting all factors into consideration (e.g., the number of people using the shower stall, the available space), decide how much space you can dedicate for a shower enclosure.

There are lots of reasons why you should think about renovating your bathroom, and the benefits that a shower enclosure brings are one of them. You can contact a manufacturer to find your best-fitting shower enclosure. If none of the off-the-shelf enclosures suit you, you can order a customized shower enclosure at an added cost. You can also add extra accessories like a railing, seat, tray, and more to improve your shower enclosure.

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