When I Move from my Apartment, I’ll Use Climate-Controlled Storage


Is 2020 finally over yet? I can’t wait to get back to normal and move on with my life. And one of the first things I plan to do as we get to the new year is to move out of my apartment and find a new place! We expect many of our readers will feel the same, and so we thought readers would appreciate a little advice. 

Sometimes the destination (getting to your new home) really is the only good part and the journey (packing, planning, moving!) is something you’d rather skip over. The first thing you’ll need to figure out is where you’re putting all of your valuable possessions during that time in between moving out of the old place and moving into the new place. It’s so important to call around and find a high quality self-storage location. If you’ve never heard of “self-storage”, brace yourself – they’re everywhere! You can’t find a small town in the US of A without one. But understand that not all providers are of equal quality. The first thing you want to do is pay attention to both (1) affordability and (2) security. Some Googling (or Binging?) will get you the facts quickly on how local competitors compare on pricing, but you may need to get on the phone to learn more about how they compare with regard to how well they look over your stuff. Personally, I’d only ever rent from a place with 24/7 cameras and good lighting. 

What’s also important to understand is that some facilities are basically just like a garage while others offer ‘climate controlled’ storage. This is a critically important difference that we think you should understand!

Why I’d only ever store my valuable stuff with Climate-Controlled storage

A few years ago, I left a flat-screen LCD TV in the garage over the winter. Turned it on in the spring and crystals had frozen. The TV never worked the same way again after that. Ditto for the laptop I left in there. After reading more about it, I quickly learned that a lot of common materials for household goods can get damaged in storage. Anything with electronics, wood, metal, or ceramics that’s stored in a climate with severe swings in temperature and relative humidity across seasons is susceptible to some very disappointing results. You could be storing your old cameras and records in the desert heat of Arizona or dealing with the brutal cold while looking for storage units Waterville Maine, and you will face the same question – how do I keep a steady range on my temperature and relative humidity? It’s a simple answer (climate control!) but it’s an important one that you simply have to get right.

Insist on Finding both Temperature & Humidity Control in your Storage Unit

The industry definition for an acceptable temperature range is anywhere between 50 to 85 degrees, and it’s meant to mimic the temperature that most people live with inside their home. The best storage facilities will also control their units’ levels of relative humidity around 65% or lower. When temperature and humidity swing too wildly over time, you’ll tend to see mold growing. Not good! Mold is often what ultimately damages your goods.

When is Climate Control Appropriate?

The short answer is that climate control is always better and always appropriate. But of course it takes more money for facility owners to provide this service, so they need to pass this on to customers with a higher rental rate. If you can get away with using conventional self storage because you’re storing stuff that’s not very expensive or emotionally valuable to you, then go for it. For everything else, though, climate controlled storage is worth it.


Certain clothes – especially, leather, can get ruined when not stored in the right way. Sometimes mildew never goes away. And leather can crack and never quite regain its old quality. Those leather chaps that you just had to buy from your own days on the bike? May not ever wear them again post-storage if you don’t store them right! 

Wooden Homegoods & Furniture

Wood warps and splinters when moisture gets lodged in the cracks. That beautiful sofa that your aunt gave you may have just had its useful life cut in half. And that cloth fabric? Discolored. (Although maybe you never really wanted the couch anyway?)


Motorcycles, ATVs, laptops, tv’s, cameras, records – you’re asking for trouble when you store these things and their insides get filled with moisture and never work again. We’ve seen it happen!

Summing it Up

If you have items that you love and value but you need to store them – especially if it’s for some period of time longer than a month or two – be sure to store them the right way. Even if it costs a little more to do so, we really think you won’t regret listening to us!

And, for those readers with some personal experience in the matter, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Please send us your comments below!

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