What to Look Out for When House Hunting


Choosing a property is a huge decision. It’s not like renting – you can’t just pack up and move on when you realise the shower pressure is too soft or the wardrobe doesn’t accommodate your fabulous clothes collection. When choosing your future home, it’s important to take your time and consider everything. Read on for what to look out for when house hunting. 

The Size of the Garden 

Some people are more concerned about garden size than others. If you are planning on living somewhere you can grow your own veg, host garden parties, and enjoy barbeques in the summer, then you should take note of the size of the garden. Also, if you like privacy, make sure your outdoor space isn’t in full view of the street or the neighbours’ gardens. 

Parking Space

If you have more than one car, then parking might become an issue in some places. You don’t want to be fighting your neighbour for a spot at the end of the workday! Make sure the house has plenty of room for your car/s, and if you have an expensive vehicle, find a place with a secure garage. 

House Price 

When house hunting, you will, of course, look closely at prices. If you’re sticking to one area or website, though, you might not realise how much lower you can go for a similar build. If you are looking for your first home, then consider using the help to buy scheme, as it will relieve some of the pressure of saving. 

The Plumbing 

When looking around houses, you’ll probably be focused on the room sizes and the window panes, but what about the plumbing? You don’t want to purchase a property, only to later realise the pipes need replacing – that could drain you of a lot of cash! Make sure you check the taps and showers when looking around to ensure they’re in peak working condition. 

Ceiling Heights

If you’ve brought a measuring tape to measure from wall to wall, then it doesn’t hurt to check ceiling height, too. If you have tall bookcases and other large furniture, then you’ll most likely need a place with higher ceilings. Plus, a house with high ceilings will accommodate far more storage, which is handy for those with lots of belongings. 

The Noise Levels 

You might think you’ve found the perfect home until you move in and realise each time the wind blows west that the noise of traffic is almost deafening. When looking around, make sure you take the time to listen intently for any noises, especially if you are aiming for a quiet and peaceful home. 

The Location 

Even if you spend most of your time inside the house, where you live will still influence your happiness. Before making any final decisions, take some time to wander around the city or town you’re buying from so you know for sure it’s the kind of place you want to live in the long term. 

Buying a home is always tricky, so you must consider even the little things and take your time. This way, when you finally move in, you can be sure it’s a home that’ll make you happy. 

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