Use Your Air Fryer to Make These Super-Easy “Fried” Avocado Tacos


After confirming what an air fryer is and, equally as important, which is the best air fryer to buy, the number one question most people have is typically “What can I make with one?” The answer, in short: So. Much. Air fryers achieved cult-status after turning out thousands of chicken wings and frozen fries “fried” to crisp perfection. But, this kitchen appliance cooks up perfectly-seared proteins and caramelized roast veggies in no time at all — as well as crunchy snacks and decadent desserts. Smaller air fryers are great gadgets if you’re cooking for one or two people, while larger air fryers can handle feeding a big group for easy, family dinners (or, alternatively, air frying in batches). Because air fryers don’t require a ton of oil (especially compared to deep fryers), clean-up is a cinch and it’s a healthier option in many scenarios as well.

In the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen, we use our air fryers for everything from quick breakfasts to easy weeknight dinners. We have tried air frying all sorts of proteins, like juicy chicken, steak, pork, and eggs for simple recipes, as well as all the snacks and sides. Find a few of our favorite air fryer recipes — including Mediterranean chicken bowls, steak fajitas and homemade granola — that are great for beginners, experts and everyone in between.

If you’re looking for different air fryer ideas, check out our special issue, Easy Air Fryer: 75 Delicious Healthy Recipes, or the Good Housekeeping Air Fryer Cookbook. And if you are completely new to the air fryer, here are some great air fryer cookbooks for beginners to add to your collection. All are filled with air fried goodness.

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