Tips for Running Your Air Conditioner in the Fall

Air Conditioner in the Fall

In the fall, the sun is lower in the sky, so the heat it produces has a lower angle to get into your house. In fact, it can get in easily through windows and doors. This means you need to turn on the air conditioner, even if it is not hot outside. To keep your air conditioner running efficiently in the fall, follow these easy steps:

Turn up your thermostat

Most people think it is risky to turn up the air conditioning during fall, but actually, you can do so safely. Turning up the AC allows the cold air to circulate through your home, creating a more comfortable environment. You can adjust your home’s thermostat a few degrees in either direction and maintain a comfortable temperature in the home.

Keep your outdoor AC unit clear

Fall is here, and leaves are falling. Leaves land on your AC unit and build up over the summer months, covering it and blocking airflow. Keeping your outdoor air conditioner clear of leaves and other debris will ensure maximum efficiency and ease of operation

Schedule a professional AC inspection and maintenance

The number one reason behind AC systems not performing well or completely stopping up and down is the lack of proper maintenance. A maintenance inspection is one of the most important parts of keeping your air conditioner running at peak efficiency. You should only trust a qualified contractor to service your system at home. 

When it’s time for a new air conditioner installation

When you start to notice that your air conditioning unit is struggling to keep up in the heat, or when it turns on and off too often, you most likely need a new one. In that case, you should hire the service of a licensed and skilled HVAC company. Your hired professionals will assess your A/C system and help you choose the right sized replacement for your home. What are you waiting for? Schedule your service appointment today!

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