Tips for Choosing the Right Lift for Your Home


If you or someone in your household has a disability, you may have considered installing a lift. Not only would having a lift in your home encourage independence for anyone with a physical disability, but it would also help in making the process of changing floors in the property much easier. 

To help you decide which lift would be the right fit for your home, here are three important tips on choosing what would be the best option for you.

Consider your needs

If you are physically disabled and are in a wheelchair, it is important that you have a lift where you can remain in your wheelchair so that you are mobile from floor to floor. Ideally, the lift would also have enough room for another person to accompany you, whether that be your partner or a caregiver, so that you can still have the option of being assisted when switching floors if you’re specific needs require this. This would mean that the installation would require more space for a larger lift to be fitted, such as a platform lift. However, thanks to modern technology, they can easily be tucked away in a part of the house that suits you without being an eyesore.

If you aren’t in a wheelchair, but you have a health condition, which means walking up and down the stairs is difficult and impractical, it wouldn’t be essential for you to install a wide lift. You could install a lift of smaller capacity such as a Lifestyle Home Lift by Terry Lifts, which would take up minimum room by being designed to only fit one or two people. 

Consider room

The right lift for your home also depends on the size of your house. If you have a large house with a lot of spare space, it would be easier for a bigger lift to be fitted than if you had a smaller property. This is because the installment will require sufficient room in order to be safe and for it to fit appropriately. 

If your house is on the smaller side, consider whether it is worth carrying out some safe renovations, such as knocking down a wall or two to fit the lift in. It might be worth bringing in an expert to assess the situation. If your needs require a bigger lift, but your house is smaller, consider whether it worth relocating. After all, it wouldn’t make sense to install a small lift which is only big enough for two people to stand if you are a wheelchair user. Similarly, it wouldn’t make sense to take up a large section of your property for a platform lift if you aren’t a wheelchair user and can use a stand-up lift.

Choose the right provider

When deciding to install a lift within your home, it is advisable to consider your options and understand what providers are offering so that you can get the best deal that suits you. A good provider will put your needs first so that they can appropriately recommend a lift that would match your requirements.

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