Three Tests To Tell If Your Pipes Are Leaking

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For homeowners, faulty pipes are a nightmare. Plumbing leaks can significantly increase water bills and, in the worst cases, physically damage property. Barring emergencies, however, calling a plumber can seem excessive. Luckily, there are ways to check pipes for possible problems, with a little help from your local leak experts.

Look for Signs of Trouble

As in all home maintenance matters, an owner’s greatest virtue is vigilance. Knowing your normal monthly water usage can show you discrepancies when they occur. Keep track of your water bills to be aware of irregular charges. If your water company can’t explain the high costs, you likely have a leak on your hands.

For confirmation, shut off your home’s water supply at all sources. Monitor your water meter over several hours to make sure your readings stay the same. A moving readout means there’s a leak somewhere. Contact a leak detection service to determine the source.

The Color Test

Just because you can’t find a leak Jacksonville FL by looking doesn’t mean it’s not there. Pour a little food coloring into the top of your toilet. After a few minutes, inspect your toilet bowl. If the coloring has leached into the bowl, you have established a leak. To be absolutely positive, professional plumbers use a special dye designed for this purpose.

Technical Tests

If you still suspect an issue, plumbers have perfected various tests to pinpoint a leak’s exact location. When noxious odors are noticed, a plumber may pour peppermint down your pipes and track the smell to discover drainage problems where the scent is strongest. During a smoke test, specialists look for smoke as a sign of a split sewer pipe. Professionals can also perform electronic pipe tracing with the aid of acoustic devices, video and infrared cameras to examine your sewer line and discern odd temperature changes.

Left unchecked, the physical and financial toll of a plumbing leak is a burden beyond compare. Start testing for leaks the moment you have concerns, and remember, all tests work best when conducted by licensed leak technicians.

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