This Elegear Arc-Chill Cooling Mattress Protector Worth Buying or Not?


Getting a healthy sleep has become a challenging task in our hectic lifestyle. Today, after investing your time and manpower, you look for a comfortable place to relax and rejuvenate your body. Your mattress, pillow, and blanket are the three major assets vital in delivering healthy sleep.

Unfortunately, a major problem arises during summer when you face summer sweat, resulting in an uncomfortable and annoying sleeping experience. You have various bedding options that can provide adequate comfort, but mattress covers/protectors aren’t available with arc-chill technology.

Elegear has introduced their arc-chilled cooling mattress protector that keeps your mattress safe from various damages alongside offering sound sleep during hot summer. For first-time buyers, it’s tough to evaluate whether buying this Elegear cooling mattress cover is worth buying or not.

Here are some strong aspects that compelled us to try this mattress cover and experience its effectiveness.

No Night Sweats: Regardless of the current room temperature, sleeping on this mattress protector will lower your body temperature by 2-5 degrees celsius. Elegear claims that they have used Japanese Arc-cooling technology with the highest Q-max.

We experienced a decrease in body temperature that relaxed us better than we expected. We tried it with and without air conditioning. Our opinion is that this Elegear mattress protector works well under AC.

No Fear of Spillage or Strains: Spillage and strains are common on the mattress under daily usage. Hence, most homeowners buy waterproof mattress covers. This Elegear cover for a mattress is a waterproof cover that comprises TPU fabric. 

It’s interesting to note that the cover is waterproof, but still, it remains breathable and regulates your body temperature for healthy sleep. The breathable trait of the Elegear mattress cover also effectively avoids sweat that keeps your body fresh.

Completely Skin-friendly: Until your body feels comfortable on the mattress, it’s tough to witness the traits and enjoy your sleep. This mattress cover by Elegear is OEKO certified and super skin-friendly, which keeps your body hydrated. This cover doesn’t harm your skin even if you are allergic.

Moreover, we enjoyed using it for a week and appreciate the noiseless property that gives it a no-plastic feel.

Easy to Adjust & Stretch: The mattress cover has good elasticity, making it perfect for a queen-size mattress. You can use this cover with a mattress pad ranging from 18″ to 14″. We were able to manage the cover with one-person efforts. It means the Elegear cover is easy to install and handle.

Note:The manufacturer strictly recommends cleaning the mattress protector with mild water below 30℃, don’t rinse, don’t dry cleaning, don’t use a dryer, dry in the shade.

Undoubtedly, we love the quality and its features. Numerous alternatives are available in the market, but we didn’t find similar features in this price range. Yet some customers experience that the mattress cover doesn’t lower the body temperature as committed by Elegear. The results may vary from customer to customer, but we get a good response.

In short, you should definitely give this Elegear mattress cover a try.

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