Things to Consider Before Moving to Playa Vista


It’s a big decision to move anywhere, no matter the location. Think about what you want in a Playa Vista property that would be most convenient. Is there an ideal neighborhood or nearby amenities you need to make it feel more like home? Here are some things to consider before moving to Playa Vista. 


Do you want to get Playa Vista real estate but need the house to be near your job? Think about how close you’ll be to the highway to help you get to your high-paying job. You might want to beat an hour-long commute if you decide to take a new gig in Silicon Beach. 

Decide whether you want to take public transportation or commute by car. It may be more convenient for you to take a train to work every day. A condo might be more your cup of tea. 

If you’re single, you don’t need a big house to live comfortably. 


Find an area in Playa Vista less susceptible to damage from rain or even rising water. Speak with a realtor about whether or not flood insurance coverage is a part of the property agreement.  

If that’s not the case, then seek out an insurance company that can cover your home in a worst-case scenario. You may want to purchase a home further away from the water to get peace of mind that your property won’t see water damage from a flood.

Having an Active Lifestyle

If you’re more laidback, Playa Vista might not be the area for you. A realtor may suggest you move to the neighborhood if you enjoy going out to different art events and sporting things. Since it’s near the water, you can do water skiing, swimming, surfing, and other outdoor activities. 

Additionally, there are dog parks available to get some one-on-one time with your furry friend. 

Being in a Tech Hub

If you plan to do some networking for your online business, Playa Vista is at the heart of Silicon Beach. Major tech brands from Microsoft, Facebook, and Yahoo are all in the mix. You may want to do some business with them for your coding, SEO, or advertising. It’s an excellent place to meet up with other entrepreneurs and get your foot in the door on their startup brands. 

Weight your options before you decide to move to a Silicon Beach property

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