Things to Consider Before Buying Land in Colorado


Colorado can be a sound investment to consider because of the rural yet city type of vibe. Also, specific cannabis laws make it better for business owners to get into that industry. Understand your choices before investing in some property. Here are some things to consider before buying land in Colorado. 

Sources of Water 

If you find a piece of land in Colorado, your priority is seeing whether the area has water. Does the place have utilities? Are you near a well? 

While living in a secluded part of Colorado seems ideal, you have to think about paying a tap fee and even installing pipes and meters. A rural spot in Colorado is more expensive upfront when you want more modern amenities. Inspect the property to see if there’s a sewer system or you need to install a septic system. 

Find out the hookup cost if there’s an existing water line. Otherwise, you need to do a perk test to see how the land handles water. 


It’s a bit tricky to live without any electricity, especially in modern society. One of the things you should do is see if your street has electricity. Remember, you need this to make phone calls or go online for social and business reasons. 

If the land is electric-ready, you need to pay a hookup fee to get everything together. If not, you’ll have to pay extra for electricity to run to your land. Think about what you’ll give up by moving to a rural area. 

While you may get the peace you seek, it’s hard to maintain a connection to the outside world when you need to immediately for a family emergency or being on-call for work. 

Is the Area Accessible?

Do you have to go through a government-owned property to get to the land you want to buy? Is it by a major intersection? These obstacles may prevent you from getting to the house unless you have clearance. 

Also, think about how close the property is to a grocery store, medical facility, or school. If you intend to raise kids, it may not be ideal to get property in rural areas.

Consider how inconvenient it would be to get some tasks done, such as buying food or an annual check-up, because you have to drive an hour away. Whether you decide to live in the city or a rural area, think about how the choice affects your family. 

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