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Fun and engaging, dance is an incredible way to stay active for all ages. Not only does it improve your level of fitness and cardiovascular stamina, but it can also reduce stress and boost mood. Learning a new dance routine and getting better with each step gives us something to look forward to as well. And online classes let you try so many forms — ballet, ballroom, dance cardio, hip hop, tap, modern and more — from the comfort of your living room.

Whether you’re looking to get into dance fitness as a way to add movement to your life or are a trained dancer trying to keep your skills sharp, there is a wide variety of virtual options available for all levels. That’s why our team of fitness professionals at the Good Housekeeping Institute evaluated dozens of platforms to bring you the best online dance classes you can try at home, ranging from picks for dance fitness to contemporary dance. Whether you’re a beginner or a dancing machine, you’ll find several options that you can incorporate into your routine.

Our top picks:

You can read more about how we chose the best online dance classes — including tips for selecting the right platform for you — at the end of this guide. Looking for more ways to stay active at home? Check out our best YouTube workouts to get moving.

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    Best Overall Online Dance Classes

    305 At Home

    Cost $29.99/month or $179.99/year
    Number of classes Hundreds of classes to choose from
    Class types offered Cardio abs, cardio arms, cardio ass, cardio legs, dance cardio, full body cardio, mobility, strength
    Experience level All levels
    Duration Most are 15 to 45 minutes

    Best Online Dance Cardio Classes

    Obe Fitness

    Cost $24.99/month or $169.99/year
    Number of classes 10,000+
    Classes offered 20+ class types including dance, dance HIIT and sculpt
    Experience level beginner, open level, advanced
    Duration 5 to 60 minutes

    Best Online Dance Fitness Classes

    AKT On-Demand

    Cost $29.99/month or $120/year
    Number of classes Hundreds of on-demand workouts
    Classes offered Dance, dance sweat, and access to full XPontential+ library of fitness classes
    Experience level All levels
    Duration 10 to 60 minutes

    Best Online Dance Classes for Toning

    The Sculpt Society

    Cost $19.99/month or $179.99/year
    Number of classes 400+
    Classes offered Dance, sculpt, sweat
    Experience level Beginner, intermediate, advanced
    Duration 5 to 45 minutes

    Best Online Dance Classes for Trained Dancers

    CLI Studios

    Cost $199/year
    Number of classes 1,000+
    Classes offered Hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, lyrical, modern, ballet, jazz funk, tap, ballroom, musical theatre, and more
    Experience level Beginner, intermediate, advanced, dance instructor
    Duration Most are 60 to 90 minutes

    Best Online Dance Classes for Choreography


    Cost $30/month or $310/year
    Number of classes 100+
    Classes offered Ballet, modern, contemporary
    Experience level Beginner, intermediate, advanced
    Duration Most are 30 to 70 minutes

    Best Online Dance Classes for Various Styles

    Steezy Studio

    Cost $20/month or $100/year
    Number of classes 1,500+
    Classes offered Hip-hop, contemporary, dance workout, K-pop, ballet, salsa, jazz, house, heels and more
    Experience level Beginner, intermediate, advanced
    Duration Range from 20 minutes or less to 90 minutes or more

    Best Online Full-Body Dance Classes


    Cost $16.99/month for on-demand only; $34.99/month or $349.99/year for live and on-demand content
    Number of classes 300+
    Classes offered dance, sculpt, hip-hop hits, signature, strength + stability, fall out and more
    Experience level All levels
    Duration 30 to 60 minutes

    How we choose the best online dance classes

    At the Good Housekeeping Institute Wellness Lab, our fitness experts tested and evaluated the best online dance classes by weighing a variety of criteria including:

    • Quality of instructors
    • Cost and subscription plans
    • Variety of dance workouts
    • Fitness levels included
    • Dance styles offered
    • Class schedule times for live content
    • Library of on-demand content
    • Video quality
    • Platform navigation and accessibility
    • Virtual community

    Our top picks offer options that allow everyone from novices to advanced dancers to participate in the comfort of their own home. If you’re looking for in-person dance classes, many of these platforms offer studio locations as well.

    What are the best online dance classes?

    The best online dance classes are engaging classes taught by high-quality instructors that can be easily streamed from a computer, TV, tablet or mobile device. These platforms offer classes for all levels of expertise (beginner to advanced) and feature an assortment of dance styles to suit diverse needs and interests.

    Many of our top picks offer fun, high-energy cardio and sculpting dance workouts that you can follow from your living room, while some focus more on teaching traditional styles of dance, including hip-hop, modern, ballet, belly dancing and more. Others cater to those who want to learn choreography or master new techniques.

    How much do online dance classes typically cost?

    Most online dance classes offer some free content or a free trial so you can try out the studio before fully committing to a formal subscription or plan. Once you decide which classes are right for you, you’ll typically be able to sign up for a monthly or annual subscription. You can usually save some money by opting for an annual subscription, but you’ll have to pay a lump sum ranging from $100 all the way up to $350 per year. A monthly membership, on the other hand, usually costs around $20 to $30 per month.

    Why trust Good Housekeeping?

    Stefani Sassos has been working in the fitness industry for the past 10 years, specializing in indoor cycling and strength training. As a NASM-certified personal trainer, she uses her expertise and exercise science knowledge to create informed fitness content for Good Housekeeping.

    Whether vigorously testing exercise equipment like indoor cycling shoes, writing about workout apps or curating workout plans for GH readers, Stefani shares her passion for leading an active lifestyle and inspiring others to do the same. She started her exercise journey with dance fitness classes and loves how they can be a fun and engaging way to stay active.

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