These Lucky Shamrock Cupcakes Are Better Than a Pot of Gold


We love a plate of salty, delicious corned beef and cabbage or bowl of Irish stew on St. Patrick’s Day. But as soon as the last juices have been sopped up (preferably with brown bread or soda bread), our minds turn to sweets. Here are some of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day desserts to have on hand for when that craving hits.

While we’ve kept the Irish cream flowing here, we’ve also included a few chocolatey and colorful (green, gold and rainbow!) options for good measure. Think green foods such as cakes and cupcakes, Guinness-infused chocolate treats and Lucky Charms galore. Looking to turn your favorite sugar cookies or vanilla cupcakes into a St. Paddy’s-ready sweet? Spike it with a little green food dye, or use wheatgrass, spirulina or matcha to give something a naturally green hue. Just note: these ingredients will change the taste of your recipe, so use sparingly!

If you’re looking to keep things a little more traditional, check out these classic Irish dessert recipes. And while it’s tempting to just go straight for the good stuff (a.k.a. dessert), start your night off with one of these hearty and delicious St. Patrick’s Day food ideas, paired with a great St. Patrick’s Day drink.

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