These Greek Yogurt Brands Will Become Your Favorite Breakfast


Greek yogurt is a nutrition hero: It’s packed with almost twice as much protein as regular yogurt. According to Good Housekeeping’s Nutrition Director and expert,

Stefani Sassos, “Greek yogurt is a good and often excellent source of protein, calcium and other essential nutrients. Many also contain probiotics, but you’ll want to look for probiotics listed on the label. It provides a versatile base for a nutrient-dense snack or meal.” Low-fat or even fat-free Greek yogurt is also considered a low-calorie food that’ll fill you up (cals aren’t everything when it comes to nutrition, but yogurt happens to have a low number while still providing essential nutrients). In addition to a nourishing go-to, Greek yogurt can also be a satisfying sweet snack (especially if you freeze it for a delicious frozen dessert).

So how do you find the best Greek yogurt brands for both nutrition and taste? The Good Housekeeping Team is here to help.

How we chose the best Greek yogurts

We scoured the aisles and the Internet to find top brands and asked over 20 people to provide tasting notes for over 50 samples. Our winners represent a combination of favorites from taste testers, including the experts in the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen and Nutrition Labs. Looking for the healthiest Greek yogurts? From organic Greek yogurt to the best lactose-free Greek yogurt brand, our taste test ran the gamut.

Get ready to find the next best buy for an easy breakfast tomorrow — just sprinkle on one of our favorite healthy granolas. And if you want to make it a meal pair it with a healthy cereal for a hearty breakfast (or hey, breakfast for dinner!). Dive into these picks from the experts at Good Housekeeping for some delicious, filling and creamy yogurts. Looking for a great vegan option? Check out our roundup of the best dairy-free yogurts ranked by taste, texture and nutrition.

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