Themes Based on Your Favorite Movies for the New Year’s Family Dinner


Every dinner with your loved ones is a treat, and it can be more fun if you weave in little elements to it that bring in a theme. This New Year, ditch the exquisitely ornate furniture, crockery and upholstery, and go back to kindergarten with these movie themes you could adopt for decorating the room.

For most of these, you would need play-doh clay to create figurines of characters from the movie, and a picture book or a coloring book with characters from the movie. The figurines need not be too detailed or artistic, they can be a minimalistic version of the character, just make sure not to play around a lot with the colours, use the colours commonly associated with the characters.

Hotel Transylvania

This is an adorable theme, and easy too because it requires very less resources. You could also reuse some of your October 31 party decorations and supplies. 

You would majorly need colored paper in halloween themed colours, namely lilac, violet, blue, green and red. 

Cover your table mats with parchment paper lightly stained with dilute coffee and spotted with beetroot juice. Paste tiny pictures of your favorite characters from the movie on these mats and intersperse dried leaves in the empty spaces between the pictures.

Cover the legs of tables and arms of the chairs with wide white ribbons to mummify them. And last of all, line your walls and ceiling with colored paper bats. Ditch the black bats for some violet, blue and red ones. 


This is a perfect them for a winter celebration and doesn’t require a lot of resources. Try to use pastel colored covers for your furniture and white curtains. 

Line the serving tables and trays with toy horses and simple clay figurines of Elsa and Anna made at home from play-doh clay. 

Create edible miniatures of Olaf with slightly rounded cupcakes, using cinnamon, beetroot or carrot sticks for its limbs and sesame for features. 

Complete you decoration with wooden tableware, like wooden trays, large ladles spoons and bowls.

Jungle Book

The most essential element in this theme is a collection of images of Mowgli, Share Khan, King Louie and Bagheera, which you can cut out if you have The Jungle Book picture book, or simply print. 

These pictures can be pasted on old pieces of thin fabric. Cut them out neatly. Now, each of these can be suspended via jute threads lined with cedar leaves, rosemary branches and oak leaves. Take off a few of those bells and other ornaments from your Xmas tree and suspend a few of the Jungle book characters instead. The rest of these pieces can be suspended from the mantel shelf of the fireplace.

Clear all the extra furniture in the room, to help the setup look like a little part of the jungle.

Place lots of indoor plants near the wall, especially in the corners. Line the arches and windows with large flowers, primarily picking up shades of yellow orange and red.

This theme calls for a combination of earthen and  wooden tableware. Adorn the serving tables and serving trays with miniature fruits made from play-doh clay. 

Similarly one can create the Madagascar theme, using characters from Madagascar instead of The Jungle Book.

All the above themes can be complemented with costumes for all your little guests. And complete the celebration with watching the movie with your guests after the dinner is over!

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