The Benefits of Double-Glazed Windows


If you are a proud owner or renter of a new build, it will be legally required to have double glazed windows. There are so many benefits that it was made a requirement by UK law in 2002, and though older conservation buildings or homes are not required to update their windows, that does not mean they would not like to. After all, there are plenty of benefits when it comes to double glazing, you just have to read this piece to find out what some of them are!

Reduction in Energy Bills

One of the most common reasons for updating windows to double glazing is the impact it can have on our energy and heating bills. It is not cheap to warm up a house in winter, especially if your house is particularly large, and it could seem like a lost cause if the heat is escaping through the cracks of your single panes. Investing in double glazing windows means you are much more likely to retain the heat you are paying for, meaning you can switch off your heating for longer and use it for shorter amounts of time!

Shutting Off The Sound Outside

There is always that one person who wants to mow their lawn at the crack of dawn when spring is coming, and while that might be an admirable trait, plenty of us would rather opt for the lie-in! Wanting to remove the noise from the hustle and bustle of everyday life outside is a legitimate and common reason for upgrading windows to double glazing. Not only are they useful for keeping the outside noise outside, but they are also useful for keeping your inside noise in, which means you can have your music turned up just a little louder (providing you do not share a wall with a neighbour!)

Extra Security for Your Property

It is pretty easy to break a single pane glass window, and double glazing removes this simplicity and replaces it with something far more robust. Because double glazing is made up of two separate panes, it is much harder to break or force open from the outside, which offers you an extra layer of security without having to make any additional adjustments to the home.

Increase Property Value

Whether you are looking at selling your home in the future or just want to make some home improvements for you to enjoy, investing in double glazing will increase your property’s value because of its benefits, such as bill reduction. Double glazing can also make a property appear more attractive and well kept and can offer a more comfortable space to live in over those which only have single-pane windows. They are also extremely easy to maintain, including cleaning, which means the increase in property value will last for years. Your windows only need some simple soapy water to remove any grime or build up, and they will look as good as new instantly – making this a brilliant addition to your home. 

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