Sweet and Savory Combine in These All-Star Brunch Recipes


Ever heard of diversifying your portfolio? Well, we think you should start diversifying your brunch portfolio: Whether you’re more into sweet-and-savory bacon waffles or perfectly bronzed breakfast casseroles, this catch-all meal is the perfect chance to throw out all the rules. These brunch recipes are ideal for a Mother’s Day meal that’ll be ready by the time mom wakes up or an elegant Easter breakfast made for celebrating and grazing all day. From killer Bloody Marys to sheet pan bakes, here are some of our go-to brunch ideas.

This weekend, why not bake up some blueberry muffins to serve with a bright, wintry citrus salad and a pot of coffee? We also can’t get mad at a great breakfast taco — particularly when they’re this easy to make. If you’re not ready to venture out from the breakfast classics you know and love quite yet, we’ve got perfect pancakes, the platonic ideal of a French toast recipe, and the best scrambled eggs you’ve ever tasted. We’ve also get plenty of make-ahead-friendly options for an easy and elegant at-home brunch party.

Whether you’re craving some Mexican-inspired eats or sky-high piles of comfort food, these recipes give us all the motivation we need to get out of bed on Sunday morning. Want foolproof easy pancakes? Got ’em. Tasty egg recipes? They’re here in spades. All you need to do is mix up some mimosas, set the table and decide which dish deserves the biggest spot on your plate.

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