Our Biggest and Best Snack Awards Are Here



To settle on this list of top-notch nibbles, GH’s registered dietitians teamed up with culinary pros and thousands of home testers to take a close look at ingredients, flavor, nutrition facts, convenience and more. Our top 100 snacks are both nutritious and delicious, so you don’t have to compromise on anything and can incorporate these better-for-you treats into your snacking rotation. Read on for our top-tested picks, which excel in nutrition and taste.

best snack awards

how we tested

Our choices focus on innovative, tasty snacks in the food space that excelled in taste tests and that meet the following criteria:

  • Made with real and recognizable ingredients you can pronounce
  • Prioritize fiber-filled and protein-rich sources
  • Free from trans fat and partially hydrogenated oils
  • No artificial flavors and food dyes
  • 300 calories or less per serving
  • 10 g of added sugar or less per serving
  • 300 mg sodium or less per serving

powerhouse produce

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best snack awards

Best Dried Pineapple

Moringa Hibiscus Dried Pineapple (6 Pack)

Amäzi Moringa Hibiscus Dried Pineapple (6 Pack)

Made from just three ingredients, this tangy dried pineapple is ethically sourced and produced at peak ripeness in Uganda. The innovative snack incorporates moringa and hibiscus for a flavorful twist.

LAB RESULTS: Several testers commented that other dried pineapple couldn’t compare to Amäzi. “This snack is not bland or overly sweet. It got tangier and more pleasing with each chew,” said one.

Best Fruit Chips

Baked Crunchy Apple Chips (16 Pack)

Bare Baked Crunchy Apple Chips (16 Pack)

These crunchy chips are made from one ingredient—real apples—and are baked and never fried. Made without preservatives, they’re a perfect on-the-go snack.

LAB RESULTS: Our dietitians appreciate that the Non-GMO Project Verified pick contains no added sugar, and testers were impressed with the single ingredient list. “Filling, nutritious, natural, and extremely convenient,” one tester said.

Best Pears

Royal Verano Pears (4 lbs)

USA Pears Royal Verano Pears (4 lbs)

Sweet and incredibly versatile, USA Grown Pears come in 10 varieties, each with its own distinctive color, flavor, and texture.

LAB RESULTS: Testers loved how juicy and refreshing the pears were, and our dietitians point out that pears are packed with nutrients and one of the best fruit sources of fiber. “I really liked the variety of types of pears. I did not know there were so many types of pears, let alone ones grown in the U.S.,” a tester said.

Best Pomegranate Arils

Pomegranate Fresh Arils

Pom Wonderful Pomegranate Fresh Arils

With their deep ruby red color, these California-grown pomegranate arils are bursting with flavor and antioxidants. Don’t worry about messy prep either — enjoy them straight out of the container or sprinkle them on salads, yogurt parfaits, and more.

LAB RESULTS: Testers loved how refreshing and vibrant the arils were, with one describing them as, “juicy and bursting, with a satisfying crunch.” Our nutrition pros point out that the arils are packed with nutrients and fiber too.

Best Apples

Apples (2 lbs)

Cosmic Crisp Apples (2 lbs)

Grown in Washington State, Cosmic Crisp apples are a cross between Honeycrisp and Enterprise varieties. They are large, juicy, and slow to brown. Best of all, they have a balanced sweet and tart flavor.

LAB RESULTS: Testers gave the apples top scores across the board and noted that the fruit was a family favorite. They even held up well to baking. One tester said, “the flavor was super refreshing.”

Best Citrus

Citrus (2 lbs)

You may recognize this giant mandarin by the distinct topknot that makes it easy to peel. Juicy and naturally seedless, this snack is in season from January through April and is perfectly portable.

LAB RESULTS: Sumo Citrus wowed our nutrition pros by delivering 163% of your daily vitamin C needs. Testers and judges gave it stellar scores for taste, texture, and portion size. “The thicker peel also means the fruit stays juicier longer,” Ramos explains.

Best Cherries

Sweet Cherries (1 lb)

Northwest Sweet Cherries (1 lb)

The perfect sweet snack for summer, there is no denying the incredible rich flavor of this superfruit. Its gorgeous red color makes it a standout in fruit salad too.

LAB RESULTS: Our nutrition pros love that cherries are rich in anthocyanins, a type of antioxidant that helps fight inflammation. Studies also show they may be helpful in fending off diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Best Kiwi

SunGold Kiwifruit (1 lb)

Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit (1 lb)

These deliciously sweet golden kiwifruit have a smooth, hairless skin that is completely edible, so you can either cut and scoop, slice it, or bite right in and enjoy.

LAB RESULTS: A favorite in the GH Nutrition Lab, our pros point out that the fruit packs in more than 20 vitamins and minerals, including over 100% of your daily vitamin C needs in one fruit. “It was the freshest, ripest, and tastiest kiwi I’ve had,” a tester exclaimed.

Best Dried Mango

Organic Regenerative Dried Mango

Whole Foods Market Organic Regenerative Dried Mango

These perfectly ripe dried mango strips are also exclusively sourced from farmers using third-party certified regenerative techniques, which aim to improve soil, enhance biodiversity, and more.

LAB RESULTS: Free from added sugar, testers consistently found it to have the perfect chewiness and said it was sweet like fresh mango. “Great flavor and texture supported with regenerative practices,” Ramos adds.

protein packed favorites

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Best Cheese Bites

Baked Cheese Bites

Whisps Baked Cheese Bites

Made from 100% real cheese, these bite-size snacks are baked (never fried). There are more than 50 pieces per 1-oz serving, which manages to pack in 10 g of protein and is an excellent source of calcium.

LAB RESULTS: Testers loved that the cheese bites were naturally low in carbs and didn’t need to be refrigerated. One appreciated the “satisfying crunch.” Another said, “No fake or artificial cheese flavor here!”

Best Pasture-Raised Eggs

Pasture-Raised Hard-Boiled Eggs

Vital Farms Pasture-Raised Hard-Boiled Eggs

Naturally packed with protein and nutrients, these pasture-raised hard-boiled eggs are pre-peeled and available in a resealable bag of six or a bag of two that includes tiny salt and pepper packets.

LAB RESULTS: Our dietitians point out that the eggs are Certified Humane and that these high animal welfare standards benefit the hen that produces the eggs. “Their portability is great, especially to take when you go RVing or on a picnic,” one person said.

Best Turkey Jerky

Free-Range Turkey Jerky Sticks

Chomps Free-Range Turkey Jerky Sticks

A little bit smoky and a little bit spicy, this jerky is made with 100% free-range, antibiotic-free turkey. It’s also available in a mini version called Chomplings.

LAB RESULTS: Our pros point out that each stick has 10 g of protein (the highest amount of protein of all Chomps products) and no fillers or artificial preservatives. “It’s nicely spiced, meaty in texture, and not too salty for jerky,” Choung says.

Best No Sugar Yogurt

Zero Sugar Strawberry Cheesecake

Chobani Zero Sugar Strawberry Cheesecake

This zero-sugar yogurt has just 60 calories but packs 11 g of filling protein. The first-of-its-kind offering gets its sweetness from natural allulose.

LAB RESULTS: Our experts were impressed with the natural fermentation process Chobani uses to take the sugar out and remove the lactose. One tester described the texture as “super creamy and smooth!”

Best Egg White Wraps

Egg White Wraps

Available in both sweet and savory flavors, these protein-packed wraps are naturally low in carbs and made from egg whites, not flour. Transform sweet cinnamon wraps into a peanut butter banana pinwheel for post-workout fuel, or add cream cheese and lox to an everything bagel wrap.

LAB RESULTS: Judges spotlighted the great flavor options and versatility of the product, saying that it paired well with practically anything. One tester described it as “really thin but spongelike, almost like a crepe!”

Best Tuna

Wild Ahi Yellowfin Tuna Pouch (12 Pack)

Safe Catch Wild Ahi Yellowfin Tuna Pouch (12 Pack)

These single-serve premium tuna pouches are packed with a whopping 26 g of lean protein. Safe Catch hand-selects its tuna and conducts strict mercury tests for safety, and it never adds fillers to its products.

LAB RESULTS: “I eat a lot of tuna, and I really appreciate the lower mercury count and sustainable practices of this brand,” Ramos says. “The flavor is very clean and fresh, and it makes a great canvas for a variety of recipes.”

Best Beef Jerky

Original Beef Jerky (8 Pack)

PREVAIL. Original Beef Jerky (8 Pack)

Free from fillers and additives, this 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef jerky is cherrywood-smoked and seasoned with organic spices.

LAB RESULTS: Our nutrition pros were impressed with the stellar ingredient list on this jerky and the fact that it is lower in sodium and sugar than its competitors. “You can tell that it was created with care. The flavor and freshness of the product really stood out,” one person said.

Best Hard-Cooked Eggs

Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs

Eggland’s Best Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs

These ready-to-eat eggs are hard-cooked and pre-peeled for a quick protein snack.

LAB RESULTS: Testers loved the convenience of these portable snacks and said they were some of the best hard-cooked eggs they have ever had. Our dietitians verified that Eggland’s Best eggs contain six times more vitamin D, more than double the omega-3’s, and 25% less saturated fat compared to ordinary eggs.

Best Skyr

Rich and Creamy Skyr, Zesty Lemon

siggi’s Rich and Creamy Skyr, Zesty Lemon

Full of flavor, this creamy Icelandic yogurt—with 10 g of filling protein per cup—is made with simple ingredients and real fruit. Less is truly more in this case– Siggi’s products are made with fewer ingredients than others but don’t sacrifice quality or nutrition.

LAB RESULTS: Choung described the “luscious texture” of the yogurt and loved that the zesty lemon flavor was part of the skyr as opposed to its just having fruit on the bottom.

chips and crackers

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best snack awards

Best Crisps

Raincoast Crisps Salty Date Crackers

lesley stowe Raincoast Crisps Salty Date Crackers

Baked from scratch in small batches, these crackers contain premium ingredients like almond flour, flaxseeds, and chia and pumpkin seeds. It’s the ideal snack for those wanting to enjoy beautiful charcuterie boards and still accommodate a variety of dietary preferences and restrictions.

LAB RESULTS: Testers and judges alike appreciated the wholesome ingredients in these gluten-free crisps that received top scores for flavor. “They don’t overpower any toppings,” Fischer adds.

Best Black Bean Chips

Southwestern Queso Chips Made With Black Beans

Sun Chips Southwestern Queso Chips Made With Black Beans

Made with real black beans, this bold and spicy twist on a beloved snacking classic packs in 3 grams of filling fiber and 14 grams of nutrient-dense whole grains per serving.

LAB RESULTS: Testers couldn’t get enough of these flavorful chips. “They had just the right amount of spice. The crunch was just the right amount too,” one person said. And our nutrition pros love that the chips have 30% less fat than regular potato chips without compromising on taste.

Best Gluten-Free Crackers

Gluten-Free Baked Crackers

Milton’s Craft Bakers Gluten-Free Baked Crackers

Airy and crisp, these flavorful crackers are made with gluten-free grains and other high-quality ingredients. Eat them plain or serve them as part of a charcuterie board.

LAB RESULTS: Testers raved about the balanced taste and great crunch of these crackers. Olive Oil & Sea Salt served as the perfect canvas for any topping, and the Everything variety was spot-on too. “Excellent flavor. Paired well with various dips,” one tester said.

Best Plantain Chips

Organic Plantain Scoops, Himalayan Pink Salt (6 Pack)

Barnana Organic Plantain Scoops, Himalayan Pink Salt (6 Pack)

These organic plantain chips have three simple ingredients—green plantains, coconut oil, and Himalayan pink salt—and are made with upcycled plantains that would have otherwise gone to waste.

LAB RESULTS: Testers found them pleasingly crunchy. Our nutritionists like that the chips retain the peel, which adds a boost of fiber and potassium and reduces food waste. “These were the perfect crunchy scoopers to eat with guacamole,” Jude said.

Best Grain-Free Chips

Cactus Grain Free Tortilla Chips - Sea Salt (2 Pack)

Tia Lupita Cactus Grain Free Tortilla Chips – Sea Salt (2 Pack)

Nopale, a type of cactus, serves as an unusual but nutrient-dense base for these grain-free and Certified Gluten-Free tortilla chips. It also takes minimal water to grow, making it incredibly sustainable.

LAB RESULTS: Our dietitians love that a serving delivers 4 grams of filling fiber. “Perfectly light, crisp, crunchy, and tender,” Ramos says. “They even taste great on their own!” Testers agreed, saying that the chips were satisfying as a stand-alone snack.

Best Sustainable Chips

Tangy Baobab Fonio Chips (4 Pack)

Yolélé Tangy Baobab Fonio Chips (4 Pack)

This Black-owned business is dedicated to bringing African foods and flavors to the U.S. Made with the ancient-grain fonio, these gluten-free chips bring together citrusy baobab fruit and moringa leaf for a zesty bite.

LAB RESULTS: Our judges appreciate that Yolélé sources its fonio from farms in West Africa to support a more resilient and biodiverse food system. “It’s kind of between a potato chip and a cracker, in a best-of-both-worlds kind of way,” one tester said.

Best Churro Strips

Grain Free Cinnamon Churro Strips

Siete Grain Free Cinnamon Churro Strips

Simple, wholesome ingredients like cassava flour, coconut sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla bean powder combine to create this better-for-you twist on a classic sweet treat.

LAB RESULTS: Both judges and testers agreed that the churro strips were delectable and satisfying. Our nutrition pros appreciate that the snack is made with 100% avocado oil, a rarity in the chip aisle. “I can’t believe these are gluten-free and vegan,” one tester said. “They are incredibly delicious and the perfect blend of sweet and crunchy goodness.”

Best Tortilla Chips

Chickpea Tortilla Chips, Rockin’ Ranch (18 Pack)

HIPPEAS Chickpea Tortilla Chips, Rockin’ Ranch (18 Pack)

Chickpeas are the first ingredient in these vegan tortilla chips, which have zesty ranch seasoning for bold flavor. They pack in 3 grams of both fiber and protein per serving too.

LAB RESULTS: A favorite among our judges and testers, the chips are a nutritious upgrade and taste great on their own or paired with your favorite dip. There was no chickpea flavor, and “the ranch flavor exceeded expectations,” Jude says.

perfect popcorn puffs

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Best Popcorn

Nearly Naked Gourmet Popcorn (8 Pack)

Popcornopolis Nearly Naked Gourmet Popcorn (8 Pack)

Popped in small batches using premium coconut oil, this perfect popcorn is lightly sprinkled with sea salt for a delicate crunch. Free from artificial ingredients, the simple snack offers great flavor at only 35 calories per cup.

LAB RESULTS: “Right out of the package the popcorn was crisp and tasted just faintly of coconut oil, which gave it a richness. I like that the seasoning was subtle,” Choung says. “It was the closest to home-popped that I have ever tasted,” a tester added.

Best Seasoned Popcorn

Sea Salt & Pepper Popcorn (12 Pack)

SkinnyPop Sea Salt & Pepper Popcorn (12 Pack)

Made with minimal ingredients, this popped snack is seasoned with a touch of salt and black pepper for a perfect flavor profile with a kick.

LAB RESULTS: GH dietitians point out that the Certified Gluten-Free popcorn is made without artificial ingredients. One person noted, “Most salt-and-pepper flavors are too much or too little, but this was just right. And the popcorn wasn’t greasy at all.”

Best Veggie Straws

Veggie Straws, Sour Cream & Onion

HIPPEAS Veggie Straws, Sour Cream & Onion

You can feel good about munching on these straws, made from a blend of veggies including yellow peas, tomato, beet, spinach, and kale. They have 3 grams of protein per serving too.

LAB RESULTS: Our dietitians appreciated the better-for-you ingredients compared with other straws. Adult and kid testers alike enjoyed the crunchy snack. “I like that it came individually portioned so I could pack it for lunch. It goes great as a side for a sandwich without feeling heavy,” one person commented.

Best Cheese Balls

Organic Interstellar Cheddar Space Balls

Lesserevil Organic Interstellar Cheddar Space Balls

These light and fluffy air-puffed whole-grain corn balls are made with a vegan Cheddar seasoning, high-quality avocado oil, and a sprinkle of Himalayan salt.

LAB RESULTS: Both adult and kid testers said the snack mimicked a healthier version of an old favorite. “This is one of the best snacks I’ve ever tried,” a tester raved. “It checks all the boxes: crunchy, salty, and cheesy. It will stay in my rotation.”

Best Puffs

Cinnamon Plant-Based Churro Puffs

YOU NEED THIS Cinnamon Plant-Based Churro Puffs

Plant-based churro puffs are light, crispy, and made with all gluten-free ingredients. Free from trans fat, this sweet snack delivers on big flavor and an irresistible cinnamon crunch.

LAB RESULTS: Our nutrition pros appreciate that the puffs manage to pack in a veggie blend of spinach, broccoli, carrot, tomato, beet, and shiitake mushroom, but you would never know it. “The taste is spot-on with a churro! A nice combo of a sweet and crunchy snack,” one tester said.

Best Sweet Twists

Cinnamon Sugar Twists

Pipcorn Cinnamon Sugar Twists

Lightly dusted with a hint of cinnamon and sugar, these innovative twists are made sustainably with upcycled heirloom corn flour.

LAB RESULTS: Taste testers gave this antioxidant-packed snack stellar scores. “Satisfied a craving for sweets with only 4 grams of sugar and great cinnamon-sugar flavor,” one said. The fun shape was a hit too. “I like the shape because the flavor is kept on the snack instead of falling to the bottom,” another tester added.

delicious dips spreads

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Best Coconut Spread

Coconut Spread, Cinnamon Toast (2 Pack)

Kokada Coconut Spread, Cinnamon Toast (2 Pack)

Made from a few simple organic ingredients and free from refined sugar, this irresistible coconut spread is infused with warm notes of cinnamon throughout. Spread it on toast, use it as a dip for fruit, or eat it straight out of the jar.

LAB RESULTS: Taste testers said the mix of coconut and cinnamon was balanced and paired well. “The texture was exactly what I would expect and want in a spread. Each spread was consistent throughout my use. Excellent product,” one person said.

Best Salsa Macha

Salsa Macha: Chiles, Peanuts, Pepitas (2 Pack)

Tia Lupita Foods Salsa Macha: Chiles, Peanuts, Pepitas (2 Pack)

Crispy bits of chiles, seeds, and fruit are studded throughout this tasty chili oil that you can drizzle over eggs, bread, tacos, and more for a dose of fantastic crunch and spice.

LAB RESULTS: Our pros were impressed with the wholesome ingredients and liked that the base of this salsa macha is premium olive oil. Testers appreciated how crunchy it was, with one saying, “I loved the texture and the heat.”

Best Guacamole

Chunky Guacamole

Good Foods Chunky Guacamole

Full of flavor, this fresh pick features a simple, nutritious mix of 100% Hass avocados, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and fresh lime juice—that’s it.

LAB RESULTS: The dip stood out because it’s made using high-pressure technology that keeps it fresh without preservatives. And it’s the guacamole that received the best scores from our taste testers. “Nice and creamy, yet thick enough to hold up to a chip,” said one person.

Best Spinach Artichoke Dip

Greek Yogurt Spinach Artichoke & Parmesan Dip

La Terra Fina Greek Yogurt Spinach Artichoke & Parmesan Dip

Since 1983, La Terra Fina has been using quality ingredients to make premium dips and spreads. With only 50 calories and 2 grams of carbs per serving, this delicious better-for-you take on a traditionally decadent dip incorporates Greek yogurt to lighten things up.

LAB RESULTS: “It was smooth, and you could taste the artichoke and spinach that were blended perfectly,” a tester said. Jude adds that it paired well with veggies and shrimp.

Best Salsa

Cuatro Chiles Taquería Salsa (2 Pack)

Somos Cuatro Chiles Taquería Salsa (2 Pack)

Ancho, serrano, chile de arbol, and chile peppers are packed into this slightly tangy salsa that has a satisfying kick and unique flavor profile.

LAB RESULTS: Our culinary pros appreciated that the company uses a traditional tatemado process, fire-roasting the vegetables and then grinding them molcajete-style. “Just the right amount of heat, and I love the depth of flavor from the roasted tomato and peppers,” one tester said.

Best Hummus

Organic Avocado Lime Hummus - 9.12 OZ

Hope Organic Avocado Lime Hummus – 9.12 OZ

Featuring a balanced blend of chickpeas, EVOO, organic avocados, and lime juice, this favorite boasts a new special ingredient: flaxseed oil.

LAB RESULTS: Our dietitians noted the reformulation of this hummus to include flaxseed oil for a dose of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Testers praised the fresh, balanced flavor that was great with chips, on a wrap, or by itself. “This has a nice lime taste without losing the essence of the hummus,” Fischer says.

Best Pickle-Based Salsa

Pickle De Gallo

Perfect for dipping, spreading, and topping, this refreshing salsa is made with Grillo’s classic dill pickles, fresh bell peppers, and onions and comes in mild, medium, and hot varieties.

LAB RESULTS: Pickle lovers couldn’t get enough of the dip, and our dietitians appreciate that it’s lower in sodium than others on the shelf. “I think it would taste great on pretty much anything. It is crunchy and fresh tasting and not overly salty,” Fischer says.

noteworthy nuts seeds legumes

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Best Keto Trail Mix

Keto Matcha Dark Chocolate Trail Mix

Gold Emblem Abound Keto Matcha Dark Chocolate Trail Mix

Cashews, almonds, macadamia nuts, and dark chocolate are dusted with matcha for a delectable mix that’s low in sodium and carbs.

LAB RESULTS: Our experts like that this mix is free from artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, and sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup. Low-carb testers also appreciated that the pick is keto-certified. “The subtle matcha flavor added a nice sweetness,” one tester said.

Best Crunchy Chickpeas

Crunchy Chickpeas, Korean BBQ (pack of six)

Saffron Road Crunchy Chickpeas, Korean BBQ (pack of six)

Savory and crunchy, this high-protein snack is made from chickpeas and seasoned with a blend of spices for a Korean BBQ flavor.

LAB RESULTS: GH dietitians love that a 1/4-cup serving packs 6 g of protein and 4 g of filling fiber. The flavor profile is spot-on too. “The seasoning is a fun mix of sweet and spicy, all the better to mask the beany flavor of chickpeas,” Choung says.

Best Cashew Butter

Dry Roasted Sea Salt Caramel Cashew Nut Butter

Octonuts Dry Roasted Sea Salt Caramel Cashew Nut Butter

Premium cashews are roasted and blended to creamy perfection and complemented with a touch of caramel and sea salt for an exquisite flavor profile.

LAB RESULTS: GH nutritionists appreciate that the nut butter is free from any added oils and artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Taste testers described it as luscious and creamy and gave the flavor profile top scores. “This is delicious, smooth, creamy, perfectly salty and sweet. I love how simple the ingredients are,” Jude adds.

Best Sprouted Nuts

Coffee + Coconut Sprouted Nut Medley (2 Pack)

Daily Crunch Coffee + Coconut Sprouted Nut Medley (2 Pack)

Made with black currants, coconut flakes, and coffee-infused sprouted almonds and cashews, this mix delivers on flavor and nutrition.

LAB RESULTS: GH dietitians highlight the superior nutrition and texture of sprouted nuts, and testers raved about the crunch and flavor that you would typically find in a chip but not a nut. “This product was very fresh, and the nuts have a great crunch. Coffee flavor is not overpowering,” a tester said.

Best Sunflower Seed Butter

Chocolate Sunflower Butter

SunButter Chocolate Sunflower Butter

Those looking for an allergen-friendly alternative will appreciate this sweet sunflower butter that is blended with rich cocoa for a decadent spread.

LAB RESULTS: GH dietitians point out that a serving packs 6 g of plant-based protein plus healthy fats and phytonutrients. What’s more, it has 80% less sugar than other leading chocolate spreads. “I liked the nutty, seedy flavor and the fact that it was easy to spread on toast and crackers, which is how I enjoyed it,” a tester said.

Best Trail Mix

Amped Omega-3 Trail Mix

Harmony Amped Omega-3 Trail Mix

This functional trail mix offers 1,000 mg of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) omega-3 fatty acids from pumpkin seeds and walnuts. You’ll also find dried cranberries and almonds sprinkled throughout.

LAB RESULTS: Testers found the mix to be fresh and filling. One person said, “I love the crunch and the variety in the mix.” Both our panel of judges and our testers were impressed with the high omega-3 levels to support heart health and brain function, and the low sodium count is an added bonus.

Best Pistachios

Sea Salt & Pepper Pistachios

Wonderful Sea Salt & Pepper Pistachios

These nutritious nuts are seasoned with sea salt and a pinch of black pepper for a nice burst of flavor.

LAB RESULTS: This high-protein snack packs all the essential amino acids and still tastes great. Testers loved that they didn’t have to worry about any shells, which made for easy snacking on the go. “These are perfect for my daughter, who is a picky protein eater,” Jude says.

satisfying sweets

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Best Truffle Cups

Wind-Me-Down Superfood Truffle Cups (3 Pack)

B.T.R. Wind-Me-Down Superfood Truffle Cups (3 Pack)

Free from added sugar, sugar alcohols, and stevia, these superfood truffle cups are perfect for satisfying chocolate cravings. Cacao nibs and cocoa butter are combined with organic tart cherries, dates, cashews, and coconut flakes for a sweet treat.

LAB RESULTS: GH nutritionists appreciate that the cacao is sustainably and ethically sourced from regenerative farms. “These taste like a healthier version of dark chocolate with a slight cherry flavor that is not overpowering,” Fischer says.

Best Dark Chocolate Bar

XO No Sugar Added Elderberries & Blueberries Dark Chocolate (12 Bars)

Chocolove XO No Sugar Added Elderberries & Blueberries Dark Chocolate (12 Bars)

Dried elderberries and freeze-dried blueberries are paired with rich and creamy 60% dark chocolate for a sophisticated sweet treat.

LAB RESULTS: GH nutritionists like that the bars are sweetened with inulin from chicory root and isomalt from beets. They contain no artificial sweeteners and are quite high in fiber too. “This no-sugar-added bar has one of the best textures of any I’ve tried,” a tester said.

Best Fruit Gummies

Organic Mango & Passion Fruit Gummies

Solely Organic Mango & Passion Fruit Gummies

Made with just three ingredients—organic mango, organic passion fruit, and vitamin C—these wholesome gummies are free from added sugar, preservatives, gelatin, colors, and gums.

LAB RESULTS: This was a staff favorite; both judges and testers loved that the texture resembled that of a fruit candy snack without the added sugar. GH dietitians appreciate that the fruit comes from Certified Organic farms that utilize imperfect produce to help reduce food waste.

Best Dark Chocolate Cups

Dark Chocolate Coconut Cups (pack of 4)

ChocXO Dark Chocolate Coconut Cups (pack of 4)

Made from sustainably sourced cocoa beans, these 85% cacao dark chocolate cups are filled with coconut goodness. They come individually wrapped so you can share them with friends or keep a stash at work for when you’re craving something sweet.

LAB RESULTS: Our pros love that the treats are low in sugar without requiring sugar alcohols or alternative sweeteners. One tester described them as having a “nice snap on the chocolate and a creamy coconut center.”

Best Biscotti Thins

THINaddictives Berry Blend

Nonni’s Bakery THINaddictives Berry Blend

Thin artisan-baked almond cookies are filled with an antioxidant-rich combo of cranberries, blueberries, goldenberries, raisins, and sunflower seeds in the Berry Blend variety. Papaya Passionfruit is another favorite with hints of citrusy goodness.

LAB RESULTS: Testers and judges liked that each individually wrapped serving of three cookies is only 90 calories. “For a thin cookie, lots of almond and berry flavor comes through,” noted one tester of the Berry Blend crisps.

Best Cookie Crisps

Simply Nature Coconut Cashew Crisps

ALDI Simply Nature Coconut Cashew Crisps

Naturally gluten-free and plant-based, these light and sweet crisps are made from a simple list of recognizable ingredients including coconut and cashews. The cookies taste premium and high-quality but come at an affordable price.

LAB RESULTS: GH dietitians point out that an eight-cookie serving is low in added sugars but manages to be a good source of fiber. “I was pleasantly surprised on my first bite. They are really good! I also liked the crispness of them,“ one tester said.

Best Nougat Bars

Dark Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat Bars (6 bags)

UNREAL Dark Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat Bars (6 bags)

These snacks are free from corn syrup and sugar alcohols and filled with caramel and peanuts. Made with fair-trade certified chocolate, the flawless bars are a GH staff favorite.

LAB RESULTS: Our experts point out that these bars have over 40% less sugar than comparable treats. The bars received impeccable scores for taste, texture, and quality. “Smooth where it should be, nutty where it needs to be,” one tester explained.

Best Sandwich Cookies

Cocoa Cashew Crème Sandwich Cookies

Simple Mills Cocoa Cashew Crème Sandwich Cookies

These better-for-you cookies include nutrient-dense cashew flour, cashew butter, and organic buckwheat flour. They have a great snap and balanced flavor and are free from common gums and emulsifiers.

LAB RESULTS: The cookies have less sugar than leading brands, and testers raved about the flavor and found them quite satisfying. “Love the ingredients. Resembles an old favorite, but without any junk,” one tester commented.

Best Mini Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookie Poppers (3 Bags)

REAL Chocolate Chip Cookie Poppers (3 Bags)

Perfectly bite-size, these mini gluten-free cookies come in three delicious flavors: chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip, and lemon blueberry. Free from sugar alcohols, the cookies are in a convenient resealable pouch for easy snacking.

LAB RESULTS: GH nutritionists love the wholesome and thoughtfully sourced ingredients, including almond and coconut flours, pure Vermont maple syrup, and real fruit. “I wouldn’t have known they were vegan if it wasn’t printed on the bag—very impressed,” one tester said.

fabulous frozen finds

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best snack awards

Best Fruit Pops

Superfruit Organic Freezie Pops

Deebee’s Organics Superfruit Organic Freezie Pops

Freezer pops get a much-needed upgrade with this option that is made from 100% real organic fruit and has no added sugars, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Refreshing flavors include strawberry lemon, blueberry pomegranate, and mango orange.

LAB RESULTS: Popular with both adult and kid taste testers, these treats are free from the top nine allergens. The convenience factor is what really wowed our judges. They start out as a shelf-stable snack, and then you can lay the pops flat and freeze them for 24 hours for a fantastic treat.

Best Frozen Smoothie

Smoothie Cubes

Strawberries, bananas, coconut cream, carrot juice, date paste, beet juice, and chia seeds are blended, then frozen into cubes. Add your favorite liquid for a refreshing fiber-forward smoothie.

LAB RESULTS: “It’s a great concept that combines flavor and nutrients,” Ramos notes. “I like that you can add a liquid you prefer, and it’s convenient in that you can make as much or as little as you want,” a tester added.

Best Cauliflower Wings

Frozen Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

Wholly Veggie! Frozen Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

Cauliflower florets are lightly coated in crunchy panko for the perfect crispiness in each and every bite. Pop these wings in the air fryer for a crunchy plant-based snack in under 15 minutes.

LAB RESULTS: Our nutrition pros love that the snack is a source of nutrient-rich veggies. “I really liked how crispy they were, and since you can add as much or as little of the buffalo sauce as you like, you can control your flavor profile,” one person said.

Best Frozen Dessert

Milk Chocolate Real Banana Bites

Diana’s Milk Chocolate Real Banana Bites

Upcycled banana slices are generously dipped in premium milk chocolate for a refreshing frozen bite. The bananas come straight from farms in Ecuador, known for its excellent soil quality and tropical climate.

LAB RESULTS: GH nutritionists like the simple ingredient list and that a serving is 80 calories. “I love how satisfying one bite is,” a tester said. “My husband and 7-year-old love it too.”

Best Frozen Yogurt

Chocolate Hazelnut (6 Pack)

Sweetkiwi Chocolate Hazelnut (6 Pack)

Made with roasted hazelnuts and a delicious cocoa blend, this tart and tangy whipped Greek yogurt sneaks in some functional ingredients too.

LAB RESULTS: Our pros love that the treat satisfies cravings while using nutritious ingredients. “This product doesn’t miss a beat,” Jude says. “It’s smooth and creamy and not overly sweet. I love the crunchy bits swirled in.”

Best Vegan Ice Cream Bar

Fudge n’ Vanilla Crunch Pop

Goodpop Fudge n’ Vanilla Crunch Pop

Indulgent and creamy, this dairy-free frozen pop has a luxurious oat milk–based center that is dipped in a rich, fudgy chocolate shell dotted with crunchy cacao nibs.

LAB RESULTS: Our food and nutrition pros appreciate that the plant-based offering doesn’t sacrifice taste and is low in sugar compared with other ice cream bars on the market. One tester said, “I enjoyed the texture of the fudge coating. The crispy bits were perfect.”

Best Sorbet Bar

Roman Raspberry Mini Sorbetto Bar

Talenti Roman Raspberry Mini Sorbetto Bar

Perfectly portioned for one, each of these mini frozen bars has only 50 calories and 9 g of added sugar. Naturally dairy-free, these strike the perfect balance of sweetness and tang thanks to real premium raspberries and a dash of lemon juice.

LAB RESULTS: Testers gave them exceptional scores for flavor and quality. “I was sort of expecting it to taste like a Popsicle, but it really tastes like expensive sorbet you’d find at a fancy restaurant or in Italy,” one person commented.

Best Ice Cream Bites

Vanilla Bean Poppables

Yasso Vanilla Bean Poppables

At just 35 calories a pop, these frozen Greek yogurt bites are coated with a dark chocolate quinoa crunch.

LAB RESULTS: They have great flavor without containing artificial sweeteners, making them a big favorite among GH staffers. Our pros love that the resealable bag allows you to grab one or a few depending on your mood. One tester described them as “snapping, cracking, followed by an explosion of vanilla.”

best snack awards

Mike Garten


Best Trail Mix Bites

Sierra Trail Bites, Almond Delight (2 Pack)

Sunsweet Sierra Trail Bites, Almond Delight (2 Pack)

Perfectly bite-size and portable, these flavorful bites provide a tasty energy boost thanks to naturally sourced ingredients like dates, prunes, sunflower seeds, and almonds.

LAB RESULTS: GH dietitians love that the plant protein snack serves up 3 grams of both fiber and protein per serving. Testers appreciated that the bites were sweet but not too sweet, with an ideal chew too. “The sweetness was natural tasting, and not fake, which is important to me,” a tester added.

Best Refrigerated Bar

Layers, Crispy Peanut Butter and Berry (8 Pack)

Perfect Bar Layers, Crispy Peanut Butter and Berry (8 Pack)

This latest innovation from Perfect Bar features a base of peanut and cashew butters combined with quinoa and honey, plus real fruit spread layered on top and a sprinkle of toasted oats.

LAB RESULTS: GH dietitians point out that the refrigerated bars contain 9 grams of protein. “The bar itself has a soft texture, similar to cookie dough, with crisp bits of toasted oats on top. I like to grab one of these and eat it on the go before a tennis match,” Choung adds.

Best Nut Bar

Double Chocolate Truffle

LÄRABAR Double Chocolate Truffle

This tasty bar is made with only dates, cashews, semisweet chocolate chips, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa powder, and sea salt.

LAB RESULTS: Most indulgent bars require a ton of added sugars, but this offering has no artificial sweeteners and still manages to keep added sugar counts down. “This is the best Lärabar I have tasted,” Fischer said. “It is chocolatey without being overpowering.”

Best Energy Balls

Peanut Butter & Jelly Energy Balls (8 Pack)

Frooze Balls Peanut Butter & Jelly Energy Balls (8 Pack)

These date-based balls are crafted with strawberry jelly, peanut butter, and just six other ingredients.

LAB RESULTS: This family-friendly snack impressed our nutrition pros by having neither cane sugar nor alternative sweeteners. Testers loved the layers and said that it was super satisfying. “Everyone agreed the flavor was good and it was sweet without being too sweet—it was just enough,” one mom said.

Best Protein Bar

Churro Protein Bar

Packed with 11 grams of protein, this whey protein bar blends creamy almond butter, crunchy almonds, sweet vanilla, and cinnamon to mimic the flavors of your favorite carnival treat.

LAB RESULTS: Coming in under 200 calories, the tasty protein bar still packs in 5 grams of fiber for a filling snack. “I love the taste. Tasted better than most other protein bars I’ve had,” a tester said.

Best Energy Bite Mix

No Bake Energy Bite Mix, Oat Yes Chocolate Chip (Makes 24 Bites)

Creation Nation No Bake Energy Bite Mix, Oat Yes Chocolate Chip (Makes 24 Bites)

You control the sugar in this innovative energy-bite mix with gluten-free oats and organic flaxseed. Add one or two simple ingredients like nut butter and mashed banana, no baking required.

LAB RESULTS: “These were fun and easy to make with my daughter,” Jude said. “I appreciate that she feels like she’s really cooking, but I don’t have to spend the time or energy measuring a bunch of ingredients.”

Best Granola Bar

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Seed + Oat Bar (6 Pack)

88 Acres Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Seed + Oat Bar (6 Pack)

Made in a dedicated allergy-friendly bakery, these bars combine hearty oats, sweet chocolate chips, and a pinch of warm cinnamon.

LAB RESULTS: “The taste was really wonderful! It was a perfect balance of sweet and salty,” one person said. “The granola bar is sweet without being overpowering. You’re not craving more when you finish it,” another tester added.

Best Low-FODMAP Bar

Soft Baked Probiotic Snack Bar (8 Pack)

Belli Welli Soft Baked Probiotic Snack Bar (8 Pack)

Designed for individuals with a sensitive gut, this vegan snack bar is gluten-free and Monash University Low-FODMAP Certified, so it won’t hurt your stomach.

LAB RESULTS: Our dietitians praise the innovation behind these bars that are suitable for individuals with IBS. Free from sugar alcohols, you’ll also find a dose of fiber, protein, and probiotics. “It tasted like a chocolate chip cookie. The portion was good, and I like that it has probiotics in it—you’d never know,” a tester said.

Best Cereal Bar

Breakfast Cereal Bars, Cinnamon with Almonds

KIND Breakfast Cereal Bars, Cinnamon with Almonds

The perfect bowl of cereal in convenient bar form. The oat-and-brown-rice base has a lightly sweet plant-based oat milk drizzle.

LAB RESULTS: GH nutritionists are impressed with the 6 grams of filling fiber in these tasty bars. Testers enjoyed the texture and flavor profile too. “Loved the cinnamon with almond flavor. Not too hard, not too soft, perfect for on the go,” a tester said.

great granola cereal

Mike Garten


Peanut Butter Chocolate (8 Pack)

MUSH Peanut Butter Chocolate (8 Pack)

This line of ready-to-eat overnight oats is made with whole rolled oats cold-soaked in plant-based milk and sweetened with fruit.

LAB RESULTS: Our pros love that even with no preservatives, MUSH has a five- to seven-week shelf life. Both peach and peanut butter chocolate flavors were rated highly in our taste tests, with the latter packing in 10 grams of protein. Testers raved about the convenience and described the snack as “creamy, delicious, and filling.”

Best Steel-Cut Oats

Original Microwaveable Cup (12 Pack)

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal Original Microwaveable Cup (12 Pack)

Enjoy the quality of Ireland-grown steel-cut oats and the convenience of a microwavable cup with this handy snack solution.

LAB RESULTS: Texture and consistency can be problematic in microwave oatmeal cups, but testers said this option cooked evenly. “It was one of the best oatmeals I’ve ever tasted,” one tester shared. “It’s easy to prepare, especially at work. Tasted really fresh,” another person commented.

Best Grain-Free Cereal

Real Cocoa Sunflower Cereal (3 Pack)

Seven Sundays Real Cocoa Sunflower Cereal (3 Pack)

Made with eight simple ingredients, including upcycled sunflower protein and cassava, this Certified Gluten-Free cereal is something you can feel good about feeding the whole family.

LAB RESULTS: GH nutrition pros love that the cereal packs in plant-based protein and gets just a touch of sweetness from real maple syrup, dates, and coconut sugar. Testers loved that the cereal was innovative, crunchy, and filling.

Best Allergy-Friendly Granola

Chocolate Chip Granola

The Real Renee Chocolate Chip Granola

Free from the top nine major allergens, this tasty chocolate chip granola showcases nutrient-dense organic tigernuts and is lightly sweetened with organic maple syrup.

LAB RESULTS: GH dietitians are impressed with the wholesome ingredients. A tester praised “lots of little clusters that held together well” and said “it tasted fresh even after the bag had been open a few days.”

Best Gluten-Free Granola

Homestyle Lemon Blueberry Granola (6 Pack)

Bob’s Red Mill Homestyle Lemon Blueberry Granola (6 Pack)

Whole-grain oats, real maple syrup, coconut, blueberries, and seeds are baked to crispy, golden perfection in this Certified Gluten-Free granola. It’s free from soy, dairy, eggs, and gluten, making it suitable for a variety of specialty diets.

LAB RESULTS: Taste testers gave this granola top scores across the board, describing it as bright and perfectly sweet. “Delightfully tangy in a way that reminds me of lemon poppyseed cake,” Choung adds.

Best Superfood Cereal

Vanilla Blueberry Almond Superfood Cereal with Vitamin D

Purely Elizabeth Vanilla Blueberry Almond Superfood Cereal with Vitamin D

Crispy flakes made of oats and ancient grains are combined with clusters, dried blueberries, and sliced almonds for irresistible crunch. Each serving is an excellent source of vitamin D and fiber.

LAB RESULTS: “The dried berries added pops of tartness with a chewy texture that was very satisfying,” Choung says. Testers enjoyed the cereal too, with one saying it was the best they had tasted in a while.

Best Soft Baked Granola

Soft Baked Granola, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter

KIND Soft Baked Granola, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter

Those looking for softer granola will appreciate this delicious option from KIND that has 100% whole-grain oats, chunks of dark chocolate, and creamy peanut butter.

LAB RESULTS: GH dietitians point out that a 1/2-cup serving provides 4 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein. Tasters loved that the granola wasn’t too sweet. “A nicely balanced mix of peanut butter and chocolate,” said one. “Satisfyingly rich without being overpowering.”

Best Tigernut Granola

Organic Granola Redefined

Struesli Organic Granola Redefined

Free from added sweeteners, grains, and fillers, this antioxidant-rich granola is packed with superfoods, prebiotics, and protein. Star ingredients include tigernuts, walnuts, and black chia seeds.

LAB RESULTS: The USDA Certified Organic granola wowed our judges and testers with its wholesome ingredient list and great flavor without the use of sweeteners. “It reminds me of a crumble on top of a cake. It’s quite delicious,” a tester said.

best snack awards

Mike Garten

Best Snacks for Kids and Infants

best snack awards

Best Plant-Based Chocolate Milk

Organic Plant Based Chocolate Milk (12 Pack)

Kiki Milk Organic Plant Based Chocolate Milk (12 Pack)

Chocolate milk gets a plant-based upgrade in this innovative beverage that uses all organic whole-food ingredients including oats, sprouted pumpkin seeds, coconut, blueberries, spinach, and more.

LAB RESULTS: The drink sneaks in Aquamin, a red seaweed that our dietitians report is a naturally rich source of calcium and contains important trace minerals. “Creamy and chocolatey with a rich, smooth aftertaste,” one tester said. Kids took to the drink too and loved the fun packaging.

Best Refrigerated Baby Pouches

Strawberry Overnight Oats

Once Upon A Farm Strawberry Overnight Oats

These refrigerated baby food pouches are best in class. The grab-and-go overnight oats are made with hearty oatmeal, luscious coconut milk, and protein-packed pumpkin seeds. The smart blends pack omega-3’s and choline alongside nutritious ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and pumpkin seeds.

LAB RESULTS: Testers and judges alike loved that the blends are dairy-free and have no added sugar. Parents with picky eaters appreciated that the oats pouch packs 4 grams of filling fiber.

Best Baby Puffs

Organic Meltable Puffs, Strawberry Basil

YUMI Organic Meltable Puffs, Strawberry Basil

Designed without rice, these puffs sneak in a nutrient-dense vegetable blend and are perfect for babies learning to self-feed and master their pincer grasp.

LAB RESULTS: Our judges loved that the puffs provide a dose of choline and iron, two key nutrients for growing littles. Parents found them to be the perfect size for self-feeding and felt good about serving them to their children. They were a hit with tiny testers too!

Best Kids Frozen Fruit Pops

Strawberry Beet Squeezable Smoothie

Sweet Nothings Strawberry Beet Squeezable Smoothie

Strawberries, bananas, dates, beets, ground chia seeds, and lemon juice are blended into these nourishing frozen fruit pops that are free from added sugar and artificial ingredients.

LAB RESULTS: “Great for a hot summer day—perfect for kids’ parties and picnics,” a tester said. Jude adds, “My 5-year-old felt like she was eating an ice pop and had no clue that there were beets in it!”

Best Baby Smoothies

Mango Coconut Chia Pudding

Little Spoon Mango Coconut Chia Pudding

Tropical mango is combined with creamy coconut milk and whole chia for an organic cold-pressed smoothie pouch that’s free from added sugar and artificial ingredients.

LAB RESULTS: Our experts were impressed with the hefty dose of omega-3 fatty acids and nourishing antioxidants. One parent said, “What I love most is that even my 4-year-old loved it!”

Best Protein Baby Pouches

Pasture Raised Turkey + Rosemary

Serenity Kids Pasture Raised Turkey + Rosemary

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This shelf-stable savory pouch features organic purple carrots, pasture-raised turkey, organic zucchini, organic celery, organic olive oil, and organic rosemary.

LAB RESULTS: Our judges were wowed by the fact that these pouches incorporate sustainably sourced meat into ready-to-eat baby food. It’s also tested by the Clean Label Project for hundreds of heavy metals and contaminants. Littles loved the purees, and parents raved about the 5 grams of protein.

Best Fortified Baby Food Pouch

Brain Support Blends, Apples, Purple Carrots & Guava with DHA and Choline (16 Pack)

Happy Baby Brain Support Blends, Apples, Purple Carrots & Guava with DHA and Choline (16 Pack)

Bright tropical fruits and yummy veggies are blended with DHA—an important omega-3 fatty acid—and choline to help support babies’ brain health.

LAB RESULTS: “I love exposing my children to a wide variety of flavors from the get-go,” said one parent, “and this definitely makes that easy.” Another tester said, “I love the focus of this product and the added benefits and additions for the health of young ones in the vital growth years.”

Best Allergen Introduction Bar

Organic Oat & Fruit Bars, Peanut Butter Strawberry

Ready. Set. Food! Organic Oat & Fruit Bars, Peanut Butter Strawberry

Introduce allergens easily with this convenient bar made from whole-grain oats and real fruit that comes premixed with eight top allergens.

LAB RESULTS: Parents appreciated that the bars took the guesswork out of early allergen introduction under pediatrician guidance. “My picky eater ate multiple bites,” one parent said. “I like the idea of this product and the mission of the company. I haven’t seen a product or company like this in the market,” Jude adds.

Best Kids Bar

Organic Bar, Blueberry & Purple Carrot Baby Snacks

YUMI Organic Bar, Blueberry & Purple Carrot Baby Snacks

Ideal for a car ride or an afternoon snack, these yummy toddler bars incorporate fruits and veggies including bananas, blueberries, purple carrots, apples, broccoli, spinach, kale, pumpkin, and sweet potato.

LAB RESULTS: Our pros like that the bars are packed with 13 essential nutrients, including iron, fiber, and vitamin B12. Toddlers couldn’t get enough, and parents loved that they tasted fresh and weren’t overly crumbly.

Best Baby Food Puree

Organic Baby Puree, Beet Carrot Blueberry (6 Count)

Cerebelly Organic Baby Puree, Beet Carrot Blueberry (6 Count)

Founded by a practicing neurosurgeon, Cerebelly offers these innovative baby food purees with 16 essential nutrients that support infant neurodevelopment.

LAB RESULTS: GH dietitians appreciate that the pouches are certified by the Clean Label Project, which tests for different contaminants. “The ingredients are thoughtful, and my infant is a fan of the flavor,” Jude said. “I love that these pouches promote overall health in an innovative way.”

Best Fruit Snack

Mixed Berry Teensy Soft Fruit Snacks

Plum Organics Mixed Berry Teensy Soft Fruit Snacks

These tiny gummies are made with a blend of pure fruit for a simple, sweet toddler snack that is ideally sized for little mouths.

LAB RESULTS: Judges and parent testers liked that the snacks are free from high-fructose corn syrup. They’re certified organic as well. “It was easy to grab a pouch and serve it to my toddler,” a parent tester said. “He enjoyed feeding himself the little pieces.”

Best Applesauce Pouches

Apple Cinnamon Brain Squeezers Applesauce (20 Count)

Brainiac Apple Cinnamon Brain Squeezers Applesauce (20 Count)

These tasty applesauce pouches are fortified with 160 mg of omega-3 DHA/EPA (as much as in a child-size serving of salmon) and 120 mg of choline (the same amount as in 2 cups of broccoli).

LAB RESULTS: GH dietitians love the marriage of brain-supporting nutrients and great taste. “It’s a snack I can give my 3-year-old as well as my 12-month-old,” a parent said.

best snack awards

Mike Garten

Brilliant Beverages

Best Cacao Water

Cacao Water

Packed with antioxidants and hydrating electrolytes, this cacao water is made from the actual fruit, which includes the white pulp surrounding the beans.

LAB RESULTS: Our food and nutrition pros love that the revolutionary brand upcycles the whole cacao fruit, including the shell, fruit, and beans, to create its innovative products. “This is very easy to drink, and I love that it is chock-full of electrolytes straight from nature,” Jude says.

Best Sparkling Water

Nojito Sparkling Water

Spindrift Nojito Sparkling Water

A mocktail-inspired sparkling water, this refreshing sip is made with a hint of zesty lime juice and a touch of cooling mint.

LAB RESULTS: GH dietitians love that the brand uses a dash of real squeezed fruit for flavor and natural sweetness without the added sugar. “This flavor is super refreshing and tastes like summer. It has a nice light touch of mint too,” Fischer says.

Best Fruit Juice

100% Pomegranate Juice (6 Pack)

Pom Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice (6 Pack)

Naturally bold and full of flavor, 100% real Pom juice comes straight from California orchards and is hand-picked, cold-pressed, and free from fillers.

LAB RESULTS: Our nutrition pros were impressed with the 700 mg of complex polyphenol antioxidants in every 8 oz. A serving packs as much potassium as a banana too. “I enjoyed experimenting with using Pom Wonderful for more than just drinking. It makes a killer vinaigrette for a spinach salad with strawberries, goat cheese, and pecans,” one tester said.

Best Club Soda

Meyer Lemon Club Soda (12 Pack)

Betty Buzz Meyer Lemon Club Soda (12 Pack)

This refreshing club soda is free from artificial colors and sweeteners. You’ll find a light, bright, and citrusy flavor thanks to a touch of real Meyer lemon juice and a pinch of sea salt.

LAB RESULTS: “I always prefer club soda over tonic in my cocktails because I don’t like sweet drinks, but I am often jealous of the more complex flavors of tonic water. This gives me something a little more interesting to mix with my favorite spirits,” Ramos says.

Best Latte

Vanilla Cold Brew Oat Milk Latte + Collagen

Pop & Bottle Vanilla Cold Brew Oat Milk Latte + Collagen

Premium oat milk—made in-house from just oats and water—is combined with fair-trade organic coffee and lightly sweetened with dates for a perfect sip. But there’s a secret ingredient: marine collagen for a functional boost.

LAB RESULTS: “I was blown away by these lattes,” a tester raved. “They tasted as good as (if not better than) the expensive vanilla oat milk iced lattes I buy from the local artisanal coffee shops around me in New York City.”

Best Prebiotic Soda

Sparkling Prebiotic Cherry Limeade Soda (12 Pack)

poppi Sparkling Prebiotic Cherry Limeade Soda (12 Pack)

Sweet, crisp, and refreshing, this better-for-you soda alternative has only 5 g of sugar and packs gut-friendly prebiotics.

LAB RESULTS: Taste testers couldn’t get enough of this fizzy drink, and it got the thumbs-up from our dietitians. “This quenches the thirst for cherry soda without all the added sugar,” Fischer says. “It contains apple cider vinegar, but you can’t taste it at all. It has a nice effervescence with a slight lime flavor.”

Best Probiotic Drink

Sparkling Probiotic Lemonade

KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Lemonade

Your childhood lemonade gets a major upgrade with this sparkling version that features the finest-quality organic ingredients in every bottle. It packs probiotics to support a healthy gut thanks to fermented water kefir culture.

LAB RESULTS: “So many probiotic drinks have weird flavors or aftertastes, but this probiotic lemonade really just tastes like lemonade with a hint of fizz. It’s mildly sweet with nice tartness and really refreshing,” Ramos adds.

Best Kefir

Organic Kefir Cultured Whole Milk

Lifeway Organic Kefir Cultured Whole Milk

Tart and tangy, this organic cultured dairy drink is loaded with protein, calcium, and 12 live and active probiotic cultures. The rich and creamy texture is great on its own, poured over cereal, or blended into smoothies.

LAB RESULTS: GH dietitians point out that the drink is free from added sugar and boasts a variety of health benefits, including supporting a healthy immune system and promoting a balanced and diverse microbiome.

Headshot of Stefani Sassos, M.S., R.D.N., C.S.O., C.D.N., NASM-CPT

Nutrition Lab Director

Stefani (she/her) is a registered dietitian, a NASM-certified personal trainer and the director of the Good Housekeeping Institute Nutrition Lab, where she handles all nutrition-related content, testing and evaluation. She holds a bachelor’s degree in nutritional sciences from Pennsylvania State University and a master’s degree in clinical nutrition from NYU. She is also Good Housekeeping’s on-staff fitness and exercise expert. Stefani is dedicated to providing readers with evidence-based content to encourage informed food choices and healthy living. She is an avid CrossFitter and a passionate home cook who loves spending time with her big fit Greek family.


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