Meet the Cast of ‘Selling The OC,’ Netflix’s New ‘Selling Sunset’ Spin-Off



Selling Sunset fans have been waiting for the show’s new spin-off, Selling The OC, to drop for what feels like forever. Back in the season 4 finale (season 5 has since come and gone), Jason and Brett announced they were opening a new branch of The Oppenheim Group in Newport Beach, Orange County, and we’ve been waiting on pins and needles ever since.

Obviously, a new office means a brand new group of real estate agents to antagonize one another, and maybe sell some million dollar properties in the process. Here’s what you need to know about the cast of Selling The OC, who are about to start a lot of drama on Netflix.

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Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose

If you’ve been wondering who could possibly replace Christine Quinn, look no further. Alexandra Jarvis (pictured left) and Alexandra Rose (right) are paired on this list, because much like Jason and Brett, they seem to spend most of their time together. But don’t let that diminish their impact in any way, as the Alexandras will keep you guessing as to whether they’re villains or protagonists.

Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Alexandra Jarvis litigated business and employment law in Newport Beach. Hailing from Alabama, she also has a degree in Spanish and International Business. According to her Oppenheim Group bio, she can be found “creating healthy recipes in her kitchen with her [very sauve looking] fiancé and going for long walks along the serene coastline” when she’s not working. While viewers might find Jarvis to be a bit of a mystery to begin with, she could never be accused of being boring. She’s also friends with Selling Sunset’s Chelsea Lazkani.

Jarvis’ partner in crime, Alexandra Rose, brings almost “$100M in sales in her first 4 years as a realtor and a degree in finance and economics” to the table. Originally from Orange County, Rose spent some time in Dallas as a child, and her upbringing soon becomes an important focus of Selling The OC. While Rose might seem brusque at first, it’s clear that there’s so much more to her than meets the eye.

Alex Hall

There might be three Alexandras at The Oppenheim Group’s Orange County branch, but they couldn’t be more different. Single mom Alex Hall initially declined to appear on Selling The OC, but was swayed when she found out that a Laguna Beach producer was involved (relatable). Hall changed her mind after speaking to Jason: “He basically told me I’d be stupid not to do it!” (via People).

Hall has a background in interior design, and her warm persona is sure to draw Chrishell Stause comparisons. However, while she’s extremely close to several members of the office, she’s not afraid to wade into drama.

Lauren Brito Shortt

Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Lauren Shortt ran a successful family business in Los Angeles. Per her O Group bio, she was mentored “by an internationally ranked top 1% agent,” and she jumped at the chance to work with the Oppenheims.

Lauren married fellow real estate agent Andrew T. Shortt earlier this year. When she’s not working, Lauren can be found with her rescue Golden Retriever, Gunner. Shortt recently told People, “Working in real estate is no joke – my biggest flex is most definitely maintaining my sobriety throughout my career!”

Gio Helou

Gio Helou was born and raised in Newport Beach, so he’s an expert in the lifestyle he’s selling. Gio is happily married to Tiffany Helou, who manages to shake things up during her own appearances on Selling The OC. His mom also turns up onscreen.

Gio stumbled across the new Oppenheim Group office while out walking with his wife. After meeting Jason the very same day, Gio found himself cast on the show. “We immediately hit it off since we were sporting the same Rolex,” he told People. According to his official bio, Gio “has an affinity for fast cars and retro motorcycles.”

Brandi Marshall

With a background in PR, Brandi Marshall was quickly hired by Jason after moving to Orange County. It’s clear that Brandi is only just getting started when it comes to growing her real estate business. She recently teased on Instagram, “Who else is currently minding their business while building an empire?”

When she’s not selling high-end real estate, Brandi “enjoys holding the title of wife and Girl Scout mom,” per her O Group bio. Brandi is also a passionate advocate for the ALS Foundation and fundraising for Autism research.

Polly Brindle

As a model, Polly Brindle worked with brands like Lancôme, Dior, and Aston Martin, with her career taking her all over the world. Hailing from the north of England, Polly moved to Orange County in 2011.

She reached out to Jason while she was studying for her real estate license, and quickly scored a role at the brokerage, per People. When she’s not brokering deals, Polly can be found with “her rescue dog, Moose, [or] working out in a Pilates class,” per her bio. And, yes, that very cheeky moment in the trailer is all Polly.

Tyler Stanaland

Tyler Stanaland is no stranger to real estate or the entertainment industry. He’s “a fifth-generation realtor who got his license at just 18 years old” (via Tudum) and he’s married to Pitch Perfect star Brittany Snow. He’s also a former pro surfer.

Tyler left the family business to join The Oppenheim Group, but he has no regrets, telling People, “I remember the first time I called Jason to talk about the show and it instantly felt more like friends catching up than a boss/employee conversation.” Despite being happily married, Tyler attracts a little too much attention from some of the women in the office in season 1.

Kayla Cardona

Kayla Cardona’s appearance on Selling The OC is pretty dramatic, and within the space of just a few episodes, it seems like she’s feuding with everyone. Once a homeless single teen mom, Kayla wants to build a successful real estate career to provide for her family. And while not everyone in the office is her biggest fan, viewers will enjoy finding out if she can turn things around.

Per her bio, she comes to The O Group as an award-winning real estate agent, and when she’s not at work, you’ll find her “boxing, hiking, jogging on the beach, reading, or spending quality time with her son.”

Sean Palmieri

After starting his real estate career in Miami, Sean Palmieri made the move to the West Coast. Having crossed paths with other members of The Oppenheim Group in Beverly Hills, Sean finally met Jason, and the rest is history.

As one of the quieter cast members of Selling The OC, viewers will be extremely curious about who Sean is when the cameras aren’t rolling. According to his official bio, he’s a fan of cooking, exploring Malibu and Laguna Beach, and visiting family and friends around the world.

Austin Victoria

Austin Victoria started his career as a model and actor in Los Angeles, before swiveling to real estate. When the opportunity to appear on Selling The OC came about, he relocated his family to Orange County. He’s happily married, and the proud father of two adorable kids.

It would seem that Austin is happy with his decision to move to Orange County, telling People, “I’ve been at the O Group for almost a year now and with a lot of hard work, your boy is seeing results. … OC to the moon!”

Brett and Jason Oppenheim

Brett and Jason need no introduction, obviously, but fans of the famous twins will enjoy seeing them open their new office in Orange County. While Brett does pop up in the show, Jason is front and center, and plays a much bigger role in corraling the new cast.

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