Marchpower Recharger Foldaway Fan Review


With the start of the summer season, people jump into the market to find a perfect table fan for their daily purposes. During the initial months of summer, you can experience normal heat waves, which get words with time. 

Table fan is a basic necessity that can be used for various purposes, starting from late-night studies to working in the kitchen for long hours. Numerous table fans are available in the market, but today, I am sharing with you the experience of the Marchpower Foldable Table fan. 

This is a rechargeable table fan that can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. It has a 7200mAh rechargeable battery that keeps the fan alive for 5-28 hours. The life of a 100% recharged fan depends upon fan speed. However, getting at least 5 hours of life is sufficient enough at high speed. 

I love the mobile aspect of the Marchpower foldable table fan. You can carry it while traveling, camping, camping, and other outdoor activities as it is folded into a compact box that you can carry anywhere you want. After folding, it comes into a 9 “x9″ x5.6” size bag that makes it handy. 

Talking about the technical features, it comes with a 5-speed control that is super quiet compared to other options available in the market. This fan has silencing technology that makes it the perfect option for night usage as it makes a sound between 13-25dB, offering peaceful sleeping. The fan comes with a 90° wide-angle movement that covers a wide area of your home.

It is more than a table fan! Yes, the best and most attractive part of this foldable fan is that it comes with an extendable stick that can transform this table fan into a full-length standing fan. You can extend its stick from 5″ to 36″, making it a table fan, a floor fan, or a pedestal fan. The fan offers a comfortable environment in your home alongside adding charm and beauty.You get a remote control that can help you control this pedestal fan without leaving your bed, chair, or couch. The range of the remote is 4.5 meters which is enough for home or outdoor usage. Another great feature about this Marchpower foldable table fan is auto-timer. With the auto-timer setting of 1, 2, 4, 8 hours, the fan automatically turns off when the time comes. It is a great option to ensure seamless usage without worrying about high power consumption.

This Marchpower foldable fan is perfect for home, kitchen, office, and various other uses that you can expect. You will get a silent yet powerful wind chill effect that ensures a comfortable sleep with high-tech cooling technology.

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