LUXEAR Ultra Cooling Pillowcases Review – Worth Buying or Not?


Pillow is an essential component of your bed. It helps to build your body’s right and comfortable posture while sleeping. Alongside mattress and blanket, it’s equally essential to choose the right pillow covers for your bed. Sweaty nights are a common problem during the summer season. You can take a cooling blanket, but an uncomfortable pillow retains your problem. 

Don’t Worry! Luxear brings you awesome cooling pillow covers called Luxear Ultra Cooling Pillowcases. So, without any detail, let’s check out the in and out of this product and evaluate whether it fits your expectations or not.

Features of cooling pillowcases:

Japanese Fiber: Unlike usual fiber, these pillowcases are made with Japanese Q-max Arc-chill cooling fibers, which gives you the perfect cooling experience while sleeping.

Ultra Stretch Cases: Regardless of your pillow size (king size, queen size, etc.), these pillowcases fit all without tearing. These pillowcases are made with excellent stretch that fits all pillows conveniently.

Drops Temperature by up to 5-Degrees: These pillowcases are tested to drop your body temperature by almost 2-5 degree Celsius, which brings a relaxing and refreshing sleep.

Anti-static Fibers: These pillowcases are tightly woven to stay anti-static. It ensures your hair or skin easily slides off the surface without causing wrinkles.

Hidden Zipper Design: The manufacturer has given a hidden zipper to these pillowcases, which makes it the perfect pillow cover and retains its beauty. Its invisible zipper also keeps it safe from damages caused by accidental contact with the hardware.

Why should you buy these cooling pillowcases?

  • It is available in three color options, i.e., white, gray, and blue.
  • It fits perfectly for different-sized pillows, so pillow size is not an issue.
  • It prevents frizzy hair and keeps them smooth after hours of sleep.
  • It is wrinkle-free, which makes it beautiful after every use.
  • It can reduce up to 5-degree Celsius, which is fantastic.

Rest, you will find this product highly effective for healthy and lightweight sleep. Undoubtedly, numerous competitor alternatives are available in the market, which you can also choose based on your preferences and budget.

So, if you want to purchase these pillowcases, click here:

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If you are an existing user, do let us know your experience!

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