LUXEAR All Season Double Sided Cooling Comforter Review


Healthy sleep is a reason behind energetic and consistent hard workers across the globe. Such people always pay keen attention to their bedroom and choose the right bed items offering sound sleep. A comforter is one among multiple bed items that need your attention.

Year-round, battling hot and chilly weather is a big reason causing uncomfortable sleep. This results in less productivity the next day. Luxear brings a fantastic yet highly effective all-season double-sided cooling comforter for such people.

Before moving ahead, let’s take a clear comparison between a blanket and a comforter. The basic difference between these two items is that a comforter is made of two layers with insulation between them. However, the blanket is a single-layer product.

Now, without any delay, let’s check out all about this comforter and find out whether it fits your requirements or not.

Features of Luxear Cooling Comforter:

Double-Sided Comforter: It is a double-sided comforter that perfectly fits all seasons. One side of this blanket is made with cooling fibers, while another has 100 percent cotton fabric, which is comfortable and skin-friendly.

High Tech Cooling Material: This comforter is made with special Japanese Q-Max >0.4 Arc-Chill Cooling Fibers, which absorbers more heat than usual fiber and provide a cool & comfortable sleep.

Breathable: This comforter uses Invista Dacron fiber, a unique three-dimensional hollow structure that accommodates more airflow and keeps the elasticity of the comforter as is.

Machine Washable: The Luxear comforter can be washed in the machine. It won’t face frequent use and thousands of washes.

Lower temperature by up to 5-Degrees: This comforter decreases your body temperature by up to 5-degree (Celcius), which offers a comfortable and soothing sleep. 

Why should you buy this cooling comforter?

  • It is available in blue and gray color, so the color choice is available
  • It fits perfectly for full size (king-sized) bed
  • It is lightweight that makes it convenient to carry anywhere
  • It is breathable, making it safe and soft for daily usage
  • It can be used for the summer and winter seasons due to its two-sided feature

Why shouldn’t you buy this cooling comforter?

  • It looks a bit expensive compared to its alternatives
  • You can’t use it in the dryer
  • Machine wash is fine, but it’s good to prefer hand wash

Our personal experience states that this cooling comforter is best for someone looking for a cool yet cozy product. Undoubtedly, it lowers the temperature and gives you a reason to sleep comfortably on your bed. However, some buyers also complained about its life, as it stopped delivering (as expected) after a few years. We will give a score of 95 out of 100.

So, check the product thoroughly and make your decision afterward. Click here if you want to add this product to your cart and checkout right now. The manufacturer is offering a flat 5 percent discount for buyers until 2022-12-31. Use 5YREOSXW and save 5 percent on the MRP.

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