Looking for a Potluck Pleaser? Bring This BBQ Salad to Your Next Party


Yes, a BBQ menu isn’t complete without juicy burgers, perfectly charred hot dogs, corn on the cob and more. But what would your meal be without BBQ salads? From creamy potato salad and pasta salads to fresh and crisp green salads that cut through the richness of smoked ribs, these BBQ salad recipes come in clutch.

We’ve got salads that are great for vegans and meat-eaters alike (hello, charred cabbage with bacon and creamy caraway dressing!). Plus, there are plenty of options here that the kids will enjoy, too. These easy BBQ salads are great for the summer because they are packed with fresh seasonal ingredients like corn, cherry tomatoes and even grilled fruit. Besides the BBQ salads, and of course, the burgers and dogs, we also have tons of ideas for flavorful BBQ sides that will go perfectly with your summer feast. And you can’t forget about the summer desserts, which some would say is the best part of any BBQ. These easy summer recipes are perfect whether you’re getting ready to serve the whole neighborhood, or just your own family.

So what are you waiting for? Time to fire up the grill and open a can of something cold as you enjoy a whole season of backyard BBQs.

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