Lemonade with Iced Tea Cubes


Keep your summer sipper chilled (and undiluted!) with frozen iced tea cubes that turn homemade lemonade into classic Arnold Palmers as they slowly melt into the drink. Make both components ahead, and you’re ready to impress guests (or throw together a refreshing pick-me-up for one) at a moment’s notice.

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8 serving(s)

Total Time:
10 mins


Teatime: Sick of diluted drinks? Here’s a solution: Brew an extra-strong batch of iced tea concentrate and freeze it in ice cube trays. Once it’s frozen, add cubes to glasses, then top with lemonade. 

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Tina (she/her) is the food producer of the Hearst Lifestyle Group.  She comes to Hearst with 10 years experience in the world of food styling for editorial, digital and television platforms. When she’s not cooking in her tiny Brooklyn kitchen, she can be found enjoying a beer at a local brewery, hiking in a national park or enjoying an afternoon at the beach. 

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